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  • Lee W. Meister - If you are a heavy Nero Video user, give this version a miss!

    My main use for Nero Platinum is the Nero Video feature (formerly called Nero Vision). I use it a lot to create and burn my own customized DVD's. I installed Nero Platinum 2015 and encountered the same problem with Nero Video as Buckeye46 experienced. The "Quality" parameter is not working properly when set to its default of "Automatic - fit to disc". According to the description, "Using this quality setting, bit rate and resolution will be determined automatically for each title, based on the title's contents." It is supposed to adjust the quality and bit rate settings to the maximum value that the files and disc capacity can accommodate.

  • Robert B. - Works if you need to pass a drug test for THC. (But you need to follow instructions and prepare). NOT A FLUSHER.

    People who say this product does NOT work are idiots. They are individuals who did not follow the instructions. This does NOT just cleanse your system. If you drink water and properly time it with your drug test you will have a 2-3ish hour window where your urine will be masked and the THC in your system will not be detectable. Again this requires drinking a lot of water, timing it. (I suggest you read the most helpful reviews and figure it out for yourself) peeing multiple times after drinking it just to be safe. But if you genuinely want to pass your test you will be able to as long as you put in the time/effort. This also requires NOT touching THC for at least in my opinion 48hrs. (I stayed clean for 13 days because I was lucky, but I was still testing positive for THC 2 nights before my test, after this drink though I did a at home drug test, NEGATIVE. I tested immediately after my screening test, NEGATIVE. 2 days after I was positive.

  • laughing_earth - Be careful when opening the attachments

    The one problem with this knife (supposedly a "demo" model) is that the attachments must opened in the right sequence, or you can really hurt yourself. When I received my first Wenger 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant, I opened attachments 57, 23, 2, 34, and 18 (in that order) and was very surprised when three PO'd Cenobites showed up. The next time, I tried opening attachments 54, 12, 1, 24, and 16, whereupon the dreaming god Cthulu was summoned forth from R'lyeh. He just stood there in my living room dripping wet, and I had a deuce of a time calming him down! Finally, the last time I opened the knife, I tried attachments 2, 3, 44, 30, and 6 - and the damn knife just rotated through the sixth dimension and dropped out of our universe altogether. I nearly lost a finger on that one. I really just bought it for its quantum tunneling features (I have an interview at Aperture Science next week and need to be prepared), so if someone can tell me the right sequence AND IT WORKS, I could give this knife a higher rating.

  • Marj - when ordering; read the fine print

    I rec'd the product, but didn't need to use it as my son had a complete turn around in attitude and behavior.

  • Darin Ford - The perfect gift for my wife

    My wifehas been using the Orogold 24K Deep Peeling for the past six months and she plans to stick to it for a long time to come. Therefore, I decided to buy it for her, as a gift. TShe says that his product is much better than those typical exfoliators and salicylic acid cleansers. It not only helps you to exfoliate your skin, it also makes the skin look younger, gets rid of issues like blackheads and acne marks, makes the skin look moisturized and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles. I am not reading this out of some marketing material. These are the benefits that the Orogold 24K Deep Peeling has had to offer to my wife's skin care routine over the past five and a half months.

  • Tim Bauer - very good!

    From this nice workbook, my daughter learned to get an overview of the SAT, find out how to register for the right test at the right time, and understand how her score will be interpreted. This book took her through each section of the sat, explaining what the test makers are looking for and how she can deliver it. In this book, she found a few easy ways to increase her vocabulary as painlessly as possible. In addition, this book also includes a quick but effective review of the math and grammar essentials that tend to pop up on the exam. Anyway my daughter learned to keep a cool head and manage her stress on test day, and sharpened her skills with practice questions for each section and the five full-length practice tests. My daughter was exposed to SAT fundamentals from 9th grade when she enrolled in Beestar's online SAT program at hs.beestar.org. Over time, the program has made a big difference. The exercises are designed for fundamental skills, and are excellent for the upcoming new SAT standards. With such accumulated skills over time, the final preparation becomes much smooth. It is more for checking weak spots and building confidence. Eventually my daughter's SAT score is probably the highest in her class. She attributes her top score to both early little by little accumulation and the final intensive preparation.

  • J. M. P. - Educate yourself first, this really works if it is what you need!

    I have read a couple reviews saying that threelac doesn't work as well as other things or doesn't work at all. For the sake of clearing up confusion, please keep in mind that if your body is not dealing with a candida or yeast related problem, then probably other things will work better at helping your symptoms. If threelac is what you need, it will work. My problems with candida were very severe, and even with eating my usual semi-healthy diet, I have seen a great deal of improvement.