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Medcor | Onsite Clinics | Injury Triage | Construction Health & Safety - Medcor® provides onsite health & wellness clinics, 24/7 telephone injury triage & construction health & safety training to companies of all sizes nationwide.

  • https://www.medcor.com/about/ About Us | Why Medcor | Onsite Health | Medcor - Medcor® provides outsourced health services to improve outcomes, service levels, and access to care, while reducing costs. We care about our patients... 
  • https://www.medcor.com/about/history/ History & Story of Medcor | Learn More | Medcor - History & Story of Medcor - Watch Our video! - Learn More About Medcor's History - What We Do - Clients Served- Innovation
  • https://www.medcor.com/about/medcor-u/ Medcor U Training | Medcor - Medcor operates a formal training program (Medcor U) designed to prepare clinicians to work on-site in workplace settings or remotely with telephone triage.
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/ Services | Onsite Clinics | 24/7 Injury Triage | Medics | Medcor - Medcor® services include Onsite Health & Wellness Clinics, 24/7 Injury Triage, Construction Health & Safety Services, and Onsite Safety Staff &Training.
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/onsite-clinics/ Onsite Clinics | Employee Health & Wellness Clinics | Medcor - Medcor® onsite health and wellness clinics include occupational healthcare, primary care, and a wide range of service options for clients to choose from. 
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/onsite-clinics/service-options/ Onsite Health Clinics | Scope of Services, Vendors, & Options - See what makes Medcor® the nation's leader in onsite health & wellness clinics, and learn more about the scope of service options provided nationwide.
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/onsite-clinics/occupational-health/ Onsite Occupational Health Services | On-site Clinics | Medcor - Medcor On-site Occupational Health Clinic's - Occupational Health Clinics - Onsite Occupational Health - Lower Workers Comp Costs
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/onsite-clinics/primary-care/ Primary Care | Onsite Employee Health Clinics | Medcor - Our primary care clinics and onsite medical services reduce costs and improve outcomes for employees, retirees, and dependents nationwide. Learn how. 
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/onsite-clinics/mid-sized-employers/ Onsite Occupational Health Providers for Mid-Size Employers - See what makes Medcor® a top onsite occupational health provider for mid-size employers, and reap the benefits of cost savings and increased productivity.  
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/onsite-clinics/special-operations/ Special Operations | Medcor - Special Operations - Everest ER On-site Clinic- World Trade Centers - Disaster Response & Recovery On-site Medical Katrina & Rita - Yellowstone
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/injury-triage/ 24/7 Telephone Triage Nurse Services | Telphonic Triage - Medcor® 24/7 telephone triage nurse services for injuries, Workers Comp, & more. Avoid costly ER visits & clinic visits with Medcor® Injury Triage Services. 
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/injury-triage/carriers/ 24/7 Telephonic Injury Triage for Insurance Carriers | Medcor - 24/7 Telephonic Triage for Insurance Carriers - Improved Claims Reporting - No Conflicts of Interest - URAC Accreditation
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/injury-triage/reporting/ Reporting for Telephonic Injury Triage | Medcor - After each call, Medcor's software automatically sends detailed reporting. Within minutes, all incidents are reported to safety, HR and risk management
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/injury-triage/urac-accreditation/ URAC Health Call Center Accreditation | Medcor - Medcor Holds URAC Health Call Center Accreditation - Learn How The Only Workers’ Comp Service To Hold URAC Accreditation For Injury Triage Works
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/construction-health-safety/ Worksite Clinics | Mobile Medical Clinics | Construction Medics - Medcor® is the nations leader in providing outsourced worksite and mobile medical clinics and professional medical staffing for construction clinics & sites
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/construction-health-safety/construction-health-services-medic/ Construction Health Services | Onsite Staff | Construction Medic - Medcor® construction health services are constantly supported with training and access to operational, clinical and IT resources. Onsite construction medic.
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/construction-health-safety/construction-clinics-mobile-units/ Construction Clinics & Mobile Units | Onsite Clinics | Medor - Clients choose the construction clinics or mobile units that fits the needs of their projects. The size and type of clinic varies, as does the staffing.
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/construction-health-safety/safety-services/ Professional Worksite & Job Site Safety Services Company - See what makes Medcor's line of professional worksite and job safety services & staff the nation's leader in job site safety services & on-site clinics. 
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/construction-health-safety/safety-services/qualified-safety-professionals/ Safety Staff | Qualified Professionals | Medcor - Medcor’s safety staff are experienced safety professionals with real world experience. Our safety staff holds certifications from (OSHA), and many more...
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/construction-health-safety/safety-services/worksite-emergency-training/ Onsite Worksite Safety Training Services | Emergency Trainers - Onsite & Worksite Safety Training Services. Find Safety Trainers for OSHA compliance, emergency medical response, technical rescue, industrial fires & more. 
  • https://www.medcor.com/services/construction-health-safety/contact-our-national-construction-practice-team/ Construction Contact Us Page | Contact Form | Medcor - Contact Medcor® about any onsite construction health & safety need! Qualified professional medic's ready to respond to any injury, anywhere.
  • https://www.medcor.com/medcorcareers/ Careers | Apply Now! | Medical Jobs | Medcor - Medcor offers unique, challenging, and rewarding careers and opportunities for medical professionals in settings all across the country. Apply Now!
  • https://www.medcor.com/medcorcareers/culture/ Culture & Values | Better@Medcor | Medcor - Culture - Environment - Philosophy - Values. Medcor embraces a set of simple, interconnected practices that everyone can tailor to their own life and work.
  • https://www.medcor.com/medcor-newsletter/ Newsletter | Sign Up! | News From Medcor - Medcor® is pleased to provide you the latest editions of News From Medcor. This quarterly newsletter is designed for our clients, partners, and associates.
  • https://www.medcor.com/videos/ Videos | Onsite Clinics & Injury Triage | Medcor - Medcor Videos - Learn More About Us - Onsite Health & Wellness Clinic Videos- 24/7 Telephonic Injury Triage Videos - Construction, Safety & Training Videos

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  • KameronMckenzi - Hey, it might work but it gave me the runs like 3 times a day!

    yeah, i had bad experiences in the bathroom while using this, it's a good workout booster but all those painful, burning, poop sessions I went through weren't worth it AT ALL. Probably TMI but I'm just being honest!

  • jomalo - An Essential HR Reference

    One of the scarcest resources a manager has is time, especially when s/he is new on the job and needs HR information fast. The Essential HR Handbook provides this information the way today's workers like to get it: in well-organized chunks, bulleted for an easy read, and full of sample checklists, policies, and forms so a manager or HR professional has no need to reinvent any wheels. I particularly enjoyed the authors' inclusion of a pithy quote that sets the tone and theme for each chapter. Highly recommended.

  • R. Kumar - Good when it works, nightmare when it doesn't, and no clear line in between

    So, when this product works, it works great - our formerly sad yellow and black tiles are now a pure shiny white.

  • Jaroslav - Software Number one

    Very useful software. I use it for design of my new house. Very friendly to use. Excelent service produced by the members of Chief Architect Sales & Marketing and Support teams. I purchased the 2015 version 3 weeks ago and updated it to 2016 version today at no extra cost.

  • Louie - Best device I've used thus far

    Just got this. Still getting accustomed to it. I an see that I must learn to not press to hard using it or I get razor burn. Does the trick, though, if I am a little more careful. Takes a little practice, but that's what I would expect. Best device I've used thus far.

  • A. Noyer - Honest real person review (not seller)

    It works user - NOT seller. Hoping to add a truthful review to the pile of biased reviews either way.