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  • Amazon Customer - OK starter smart phone, memory problems

    This is an OK starter smart phone. Without spending too much cash you can see what features Samsung has. When I first bought the phone a few months ago, I was using it for everything. From email, facebook, watching videos... It was not long before it froze up. Had to completely reset it to factory settings (lost everything I downloaded). Now the memory keeps filling up, not sure why? I can start the day with 500MB of the 2GB used. And somehow without downloading anything, 1.9GB of the memory is full. I cleared the cache on every app and program and it does not make a dent. Checking the forums, this is an issue with this phone. Even deleting the 5 small apps I downloaded will not free up the memory. The only option is to reset the phone to factory settings. Had to do this 3 times in the last 2 months. I reset to factory settings last week and the memory is full again. I have only downloaded 5 apps, under 200MB's in total. Boost Mobile support will just tell me to reset it again. Very frustrating!

  • Joseph Brottem - Smells Like Death

    This stuff smells less like a fart and more like an unwashed anus of a homeless man who just jogged a mile in 95 degree heat. I received this "product" in the mail and immediately sprayed some in a bag and set it in the living room. My two month pregnant wife walked by and immediately started gagging. Through my laughter I immediately grabbed the bag to throw it outside, but as I attempted to catch my breath from laughing, I caught a whiff and immediately started gagging myself. I ended up having to wrap the bag in two other bags and throw it in the trash. I don't know if it was coincidence or not, but the next morning there was a dead squirrel in the yard.

  • Desirae - Typos and incorrect answers

    This prep book is full of typos and mistakes, even in the practice tests. Very disappointed that I wasted my money.

  • Colby Humphrey - I have tried others and feel that these are the best. They are easy to use

    I bought these razors to shave the peach fuzz off my face (I am a female). I have tried others and feel that these are the best. They are easy to use, take care of the peach fuzz like a champ, and it is pretty difficult to cut yourself if you are using them correctly. Also, hair does NOT grow back darker or thicker contrary to popular belief. You can only use a razor once or twice, but I think for the price it is definitely worth it.

  • SASSY MILA - Absolutely love it!

    Absolutely love it!!!!! Nicely packed and arrived safely. I got it on sale and was really skeptical about it since it was so cheap but it is absolutely stunning, works great and looks great, got so many compliments on it, simply love it.

  • OldLisa - Great Product

    These are fantastic. They take off even the shortest stubble without scraping the skin. They even take off the coarse stubble. No cutting. I've tried all of the drugstore brands and these are much better. Granted, the razor head could use being a bit smaller.