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  • Asian Superman - nice walking stick

    Very nice trekking stick, this is pretty sturdy and the design is pretty good. It's very very light so it felt like carrying nothing. It's compact and retractable so you don't have to walk with it the whole time. I have received this at a discount or free for my honest review.

  • Secretpapee - This is a miracle

    I LOVE this product! I am one that does a lot of research (including reading reviews) before purchasing any product and this one really had me curious. I took it for 1 week now (twice daily) and I feel a lot better, I have a lot more energy and no longer have that cough and nose stuffing that I had for weeks. Will definitely buy again.

  • WS Stone - Love it! Love it! Love it!

    I love this stuff. My FAMILY loves that I use it. We call it "Crabby Cream". It is amazing.

  • Dovetail - but it wasn’t getting me a great signal in my out building

    The people complaining about this router are wanting Guest network etc. This router is for simplicity, its not for all the settings. It’s for people that want it simple. And this ORBI does work and work well!

  • Mike - A powerful book

    What Color is Your Parachute has a long-standing reputation as one of THE books for job seekers and career changers. Even though the content is far more focused on self discovery than cutting edge job search techniques, the material is incredibly powerful. The ideas are delivered in a context of career change and job search, but the real foundation for Parachute is the personal discovery of mission, purpose, marketable skills, and hope. This is the good stuff, the reason people keep coming back to this book and recommending it to others.

  • Julie Walker - This stuff is prolly fake. But the real stuff...yaaaaasssss

    O.M.G you guys. I got this from a mall vendor yesterday and holy sweet baby Jesus. I thought it was a scam too and immediately had buyers remorse until I got it home and tried it. I thought the peeling affect was fake too so I tried it on my counter first and nope, no peel. So I tried it on my face and OMG it had the most amazing results. My face was so bright and glowing and soft! And my pores almost disappeared! Later I tried it on my shins since my skin is very flaky there and they are now smooth as a model! I wouldn't doubt some of these people being charged so much by the vendors because if you go to the actual website, the peel is $45 , hand cream is $20, the face moisturizer is $45, and the black bar soap is $15. Honestly i would prolly pay that if I had too cuz this stuff is amazing. Luckily I got all this for $60. Not gonna lie, I might go back and act like I've never used it before to get a great deal and stock up!