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Home Care NJ | Home Health Care NJ | Hospice NJ | Meridian at Home - Home Care from Meridian at Home in NJ. We offer home health care & hospice care from our highly trained nurses and home health aides in the comfort of your home

  • http://www.meridianathome.com/MAH/contact/index.cfm Contact Meridian at Home | Home Health Care Providers NJ - Contact Meridian at Home, New Jersey's leading home health care providers. Speak to an advisor or schedule an in-home assessment with a registered nurse.
  • http://www.meridianathome.com/MAH/services/index.cfm Home Care Services | Personal Home Care | In Home Care New Jersey - Our Home Care Services provide everything you might need, from errands to meal preparation, therapy, nursing care & hospice, and innovative technology solutions
  • http://www.meridianathome.com/MAH/services/HomeRehabilitationNursing/index.cfm After Surgery Care | Home Rehab | Home Nursing Care NJ | Home Wound Care - After surgery care and other home rehab services from Meridian at Home. We offer a variety of rehabilitation and nursing services right in your own home.
  • http://www.meridianathome.com/MAH/services/PrivateAndPersonalCare.cfm NJ Home Care | Private Home Care | Home Rehabilitation | In Home Rehab - Meridian at Home's NJ Home Care provides for your needs during home rehabilitation with personal caregiver services. Perfect for elderly patients or after surgery.
  • http://www.meridianathome.com/MAH/services/MedicalEquipmentAndOxygen.cfm Medical Equipment NJ | Home Medical Equipment | In Home Oxygen - When it comes to home medical equipment in NJ no one is more knowledgeable than Meridian At Home. We deliver equipment to you where you need it, when you need it
  • http://www.meridianathome.com/MAH/services/HomeInfusionIVTherapy.cfm Home Infusion | Home IV Therapy | Home Infusion NJ | Home IV Infusion - Home infusion therapy gives patients the unique opportunity to receive intravenous medication or fluids at home, decreasing the need for a hospital stay.
  • http://www.meridianathome.com/MAH/services/HomeMedicalTechnology/index.cfm Home Health Technology | Home Safety for the Elderly | Home Monitoring - At Meridian At Home we use some of the most advanced home health technology on the market to address concerns about safety, medication, and overall well-being.
  • http://www.meridianathome.com/MAH/services/Hospice/index.cfm Home Hospice | Hospice NJ | Hospice Care | New Jersey Hospice - Located in NJ, Meridian At Home is now offering home hospice care for its patients. Receive personalized care delivered by a qualified team of nurses & doctors.
  • http://www.meridianathome.com/MAH/support/Caregivers.cfm Elder Care New Jersey | Elder Care NJ | Caring for a Loved One NJ - If you or someone you love needs assistance to maintain their independence at home, Meridian can help. Call 1-800-655-2555.
  • http://www.meridianathome.com/MAH/resourcesandtips/index.cfm Home Care Resources | Home Care Tips | Home Care Safety - Home Care Resources and Tips. Managing a loved one's health care can be a daunting task. Meridian at Home provides answers to help you through this process.
  • http://www.meridianathome.com/MAH/resourcesandtips/LongDistanceCaregiving.cfm Long Distance Care Giving - New Jersey (NJ) - What would you do if you received a call that a loved one had fallen and broken a hip or had just been diagnosed with a serious illness? Most likely you would make a trip to insure your loved one is okay.
  • http://www.meridianathome.com/MAH/resourcesandtips/MakingSenseofHealthInsurance.cfm Making Sense of Health Insurance - New Jersey - Reaching age 65 opens the door to many benefits, one of which is access to government-sponsored insurance coverage. We've all heard the terms Medicare and Medicaid, but you may not have a clear understanding of what they are, who qualifies, what is covered, and what it costs.

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  • Alip S - So far OK

    Received in time. Using just for two weeks now. So far no regrowth, but hairfall has reduced. Packaging should be a bit better.


    Women .. this is it! Facial hair - GONE! The magic takes place with just 4 sessions! I bought it last year and it worked like magic on chin-hair. I had a few only but they were coarse and increasing & causing me untold UNEASE. Such freedom for $200 is priceless. I read the reviews here where women experimented with using it on face and were successful. Glad I took the risk and I couldn't be more happier. 3 months ago I took some hormones that brought the chin hair back! But with 3 more sessions, they are history. I had one hair come back and I removed it today, the 1st of Jan 2015. Whatsmore, I was daring enough to try it on cheek fuzz, which is not only fine but lighter hair that the machine does not claim to treat. But guess what, my cheeks are fuzz free as well for the last 2 months & I only tried it twice on my cheeks and I did my cheeks a 3rd time today just to make sure that any leftover fuzz is gone. Whatsmore, I started out with #2 pain setting as it hurt if you switched it to 3 or 4. With a few sessions I was able to tolerate it up to the 3rd level and it doesn't hurt at all! So you grow tolerance for next levels so I'd advise to keep trying the next level every time you do it. But even with #2-3 .. I got GREAT results. Can't praise this machine enough. I am also treating my underarm, arms and legs and seeing improvement. But the area I was most concerned about is already hairless, which is my face! Also, make sure you buy the Red Safety Glasses that are advertized along with it. Keep your eyes closed when you click it on your face. I keep a table-mirror handy so I know where I'm placing the 'gun.' Once I point the gun in the right spot, I close my eyes even though I'm wearing safety glasses. I'll come back to report how I'm doing on my face now. Hope the hair never comes back, will surely report further. I did make sure to buy a replacement bulb a few months back & am using the 2nd cartridge and don't mind spending on it at all. If you benefit from the machine & these reviews, keep adding to the reviews. We gotta keep such products afloat. Finally, a magical device that's not a gimmick or too good to be true. Good luck with a hair-free life of confidence. Your prayers have been answered!!!