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Mercedes-Benz Servicing in Kent by Mertec Kent Limited - Mercedes-Benz Servicing at an affordable price by Mertec Kent Limited. Serving Medway, Swale, Maidstone and the surrounding areas.

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  • J. Jones - Unfunny.

    It started out promising but... I ended up fast-fowarding - starting at around the twenty minute mark. If "falling down" humor and fart jokes make your day, you might like this movie. In my opinion, it failed in every way possible. The story was bland. The special effects were overdone and "fakey." The "humor" was juvenile and fell flat. The characters were all repulsive (except maybe for Kristen Wig.) Kristen Wig and Melissa McCarthy had a little bit of chemistry, but every other element of the show was just embarrassingly bad.

  • Kate B. Smith - Excellent Nutritional Source

    I have been using the fruit and vegetable capsules for about 8months now. My M.D. Suggested them as I have trouble eating enough fruits and vegetables. The capsules are easier than most vitamins to swallow and they are better

  • MAH - Alabama - "HOPE"

    I wish I could give you this book because it's not often that we read something that will change our life. I have given this book to my family and and many friends. When I share this book with them, I say it's a book of "Hope" and I can almost read their mind when they hold it in their hands saying to themselves. I don't have time - this book is daunting upon first sight it is so thick - and I say with a smile of understanding, a fourth of the book at the back is given to references and if you read a few chapters a day you will read it in two weeks and find it hard to put down. The gift of your time is worth the reward. I'm reading it now for the second time.

  • joseph ngum - good book

    My first computer book to read. it was so good i have decided to advance my knowledge in computing especially programming.

  • Amy Dru - Great socks but run large

    I wear Vibrams to run in and I wanted some compression socks that I could wear while running. I couldn't find any compression "toe" socks at my local stores. I found these on Amazon and ordered them. They fit larger than other compression socks (I have some to wear for recovery that are not toe socks), so I found that these did not provide the compression that I needed. Fortunately, my husband also runs in Vibrams and these fit him perfectly. He loves them! I think they are great socks as long as you order a size smaller than what you think you need!

  • spincast1123 - Not worth the update.

    I really wasn't impressed with the "updated" streets. I found that many streets that have existed for more than 5 years still haven't been included in the program. The construction info also is not current. Don't waste your money.

  • Wasisnt - Good fit and protects your head

    This helmet is pretty light and comfortable. It doesn't feel like its crushing your face like others do. And it does the trick as the back of my head can attest to!