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  • Mike Del - This stuff works!!!!

    I bought it, I used it, I love it! I bought the 1 gallon size because of the price break and the fact that it has no shelf life (it keeps forever!). The 1 gallon concentrate makes 6 gallons of product. I used all 6 gallons. When you see the results that you get, you keep finding more things to use it on. Read and follow the directions. I'll repeat that, because it bears repeating: Read and follow the directions. This is not an instant gratification experience. You just spray it on, soaking the problem areas and forget about it. The lighter green algae was gone in a week. The heavier green areas may take a month. The black areas may take several months. In return you get protection that will prevent a return of moss, mold and mildew for a year. If you have moss that resembles ground cover, brush it off first. Apply to a dry surface, when rain isn't expected for at least 5 hours. You want the product to fully dry before it gets wet again by the elements. It requires the action of the rain, wind and sun to function. Don't expect it to work where the elements can't get at the area you sprayed. I'm going to get more of this stuff...it makes things look new again, with only little effort.

  • Ken Laesser - Really Sucks

    Very light and easy to handle. Like the way it comes apart and turns into a canister vac. Very high suction, sometimes too much but it does have a suck adjustment. A little bit tipsy at times when using as an upright. After using a hoover for many years I am much happier with this one.

  • Stephen White - Really surprised!

    I did not receive a discount for my review, but I just wanted to pop in and say that I wish I'd known about this product much earlier in my life. I didn't know you were supposed to do two applications a day, but even with one application a day this stuff works! I have to shave a lot for work and it causes my acne to act up and it's been an unending nightmare for as long as I can remember, particularly on my chin. I haven't had a chin breakout since I bought this product! It's genuinely surprising, and it is really small but the price you pay is worth finally getting rid of your acne.

  • Lauras - I was super disappointed. The board is a smaller

    This is NOT the Sorry game they used to sell. I was super disappointed. The board is a smaller, you only get 3 pieces instead of 4, the cards have different instructions & they have added fire/ice cardboard pieces. We had lost cards from the original game & just used this deck (without the new instructions) with the old board & pieces. Wish they would quit messing with a good thing & bring the original game back.

  • B. O'NEILL - The first ingredient is salt, despite the "About the ...

    The first ingredient is salt, despite the "About the product" info on the Amazon page stating "salt-free". This is a health hazard for people trying to avoid salt, and deceptive marketing, as "lemon pepper" is a different product that is often called for in low sodium recipes.

  • Linda B - Magic

    I looked like myself but five years ago it is fantastic. The only disappointing thing is if your face gets wet ie sweat or rain, ithe result diminishes. I tried it first on my sisters face and could not believe my eyes as her deepest wrinkles vanished. She had used bronzing powder on her face first and the results were amazing. Later that day at a wedding she was embarrassed at how many compliments she received. It is truly a wonderful product