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  • zugmuse - Performed as expected. Only concern is it is taped ...

    Performed as expected. Only concern is it is taped to the counsel and I don't know if it will do any damage if I were to remove it.

  • faeriequeen - Great product, but high price and crazy high shipping cost

    I love this product, and I have used it before. It is quite expensive for an essential oil, but I wanted this particular one, so $12.99 was worth it to me. I was upset by the outrageous $6.99 for shipping it in a tiny padded envelope though. I know for a fact that cost a whole lot less than that for packaging and postage, so for a tiny bottle (5ml equals ONE teaspoon!) they are actually charging $20.

  • G. R. Overturf - iHealth Blood Pressure 4 iPad

    There is not much to say about this that isn't in the description. It does work just like it is supposed to and seems to be very accurate. I really like the way it stores the history so you can see the effect of meds etc.

  • Christine Gski - great product. I had a lot of chlorine in ...

    great product. I had a lot of chlorine in my water and my hair was breaking. This helped restore my hair (and I finally have the chlorine OUT of my water).

  • Swanorchid - Would not recommend

    I would not recommend this product line, very expensive, does not deliver what the sales people say about the product, worst experience ever with their products!!!

  • Sun Catcher - Awsome!

    Azo Standard is awesome! I have used it, as needed, down through the years. For me it has worked wonders when a UTI came on in the middle of the night and I couldn't get in to see a doctor right away to get an antibiotic. It relieved the terrible burning pain until I could get in for treatment. I keep some on hand and take it with me when I go out-of-town just in case it's needed. In my opinion, it is definitely worth a try! I don't want to be without it.