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  • P. Scott Pope - Very Effective, Significant Expansion Upon Drying Requires Caution

    After having a bottle of Gorilla Glue sitting around unopened for over a year, I decided to use it on three repair projects. The first was for multiple joints on a flimsy Ikea Malm chest of drawers. The second project was the reattachment of a shoe sole. Both projects were successful. However, the significant expansion of this polyurethane adhesive caused quite a mess. This degree of expansion (~4X), while beneficial in many regards, is something every user should anticipate. As an experiment, I also tried Gorilla Glue on third item - a plastic handle of a pair of scissors. This was a failure as the glue didn't hold for more than a few uses.

  • mountainmaid - Loved it for a while

    The Nutribullet is easy to use and does a terrific job of pureeing fruit and vegetables, as long as they're not frozen hard. However, as several other reviewers said, it leaks. And, since there is no way to get into the motor, there is no way to clean up what runs down into the motor. I did find a way to keep the leak from being a problem. I ran it for less than a second at a time, taking off the cup each time and checking around edge to see if it's leaking yet. That way, I got a good puree after about half a dozen runs at a fraction of a second and I could clean up a leak before it got into the motor. However, it seems to have worn the Nutribullet out much more quickly. After only about 3 months, it won't run at all any more so it's out in the trash now. It's too bad because it really did a better job of pureeing my smoothies than my blender does.

  • Genevieve - So far so good

    I wanted to try Wen, but was turned off by the price. After reading a lot of reviews I picked up Hair One instead. I have used it twice so far. Both times I didn't use any other products (leave-in conditioner, hair serums, frizz creams, etc.) I wanted to see how it performed on its own. I have medium texture (maybe slightly on the thin side) color treated wavy hair. If left to its own devices it dries pretty fuzzy - no nice soft waves. So I typically either use a straightening serum & a flat iron, or curling mouse & help it along with a curling iron.

  • history repeats - Don't open that hatch!

    I was surprised at the number of mean-spirited reviews tallied for this novel by Jennifer Foehner Wells. I mean, how dare she categorize a book under SF&F>Science Fiction>Military>Space Fleet and include a romantic element to the story. That is not to say there aren't a lot of positive reviews, but, wow, the pot shots. I admittedly came at this book from the Romance>Science Fiction angle. Clearly we romance readers are a kinder, gentler crowd.

  • E Dudzik - Saved my grass

    A few months after buying a house with a septic tank, all of the grass over the tank died, and not even weeds would grow to take its place. This left an unsightly rectangle of bare dirt in the back yard. I did some research online and saw suggestions that an 'unhealthy' septic tank might leach more sewer gases into the soil which could kill the grass. We're two adults with day jobs in a 3 bedroom house, so our septic system is not used as much as it's probably designed for. I can't say for sure whether that sewer gas diagnosis was correct, but within just a few weeks of applying Rid-X, the grass started to grow back in, and with monthly use, by the end of summer it's hard to even spot where the tank is anymore, so I'm more than satisfied