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رک شبکه رک سرور گروه صنعتی مبتکر - این شرکت زمینه کاری خود را در رابطه به رک شبکه و رک سرور به عنوان یک برند برتر کشوری سالها است ادامه داده و می دهد . تمامی رک های شبکه به شکل کاملا بهینه و همراه با استاندارد های جهانی می باشد . رک سرور که نوعی از رک شبکه دسته بندی می شود می تواند برای تمامی سازمان های میانی و بزرگ مورد استفاده قرار بگیرند .

Country:, Asia, IR

City: 51.4231 , Iran

  • Priscilla - This was great to use but kind of a pain to get ...

    This was great to use but kind of a pain to get it going, but it broke before the summer was even over plastic part where you attach the tube to the vacuum part, so basically made it so I couldn't use it any more

  • Stephen John, DDS - Best floss on the market!

    Seriously the best floss on the market! As a Periodontist, I am very particular on what floss I recommend to my patients. My wife is Dental Hygienist. It is the only floss that she will use. Most dental floss is too thin and not efficient on removing the plaque. Cocofloss is thick enough to remove the plaque and thin enough to fit through the contacts. The flavoring is just the right amount. Check out the Cocofloss website to see the therapeutic benefits of coconut oil. We give a 'sample' of Cocofloss to every patient. A large number of those patients who tried the floss have signed up for their 'automatic shipping program' so they will not run out of floss. Sure it is a bit more expensive than the other companies. BUT it is worth every cent. Give it a try! Give your teeth and gums a treat!

  • Jen H. - Priceless

    I could complain about the cost, but having a milk protein free option out there is priceless. My 2 m/o transitioned from breastmilk to this is a day. His rash is better after two weeks. What a relief! My only request is that they make it organic.

  • Charlene - Promised Free Access Not Free

    I just purchased the 2011 Family Tree Maker for the PC, and was promised three months of free access to Ancestry.com, which did not happen. I got nothing for the purchase. They should not make such promises if it isn't true. The price for the sign-up per month is very expensive. I found free information and access at two Mormon sites, so I do not need the Ancestry.com account. The FTM works, at least, but each time they announce "an update" to my genealogy on the account at Ancestry.com, there is no access to it unless I sign up and pay.

  • Justin Rohr - Good stuff

    Worked great, i'd recommend at least 1 can per wheel, depending on size and amount of clear you add, it'll use all of them.