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Revista Monfragüe - Monfragüe Desarrollo Resiliente es la revista científica y técnica transdisciplinar, que busca abrirse como un espacio para quienes pretendan adentrarse en el estudio del desarrollo resiliente. Se publica exclusivamente en formato electrónico cada tres meses.

Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Misslilly - great product!!

    I purchased the capsules and also the oil a few weeks ago intially for hair shedding and general well being. Im quite amazed with it, i drink two capsules a day and feel great no tiredness more energy also for those wanting to loose weight it works by controlling your appetite i hardly feel hungry. The verdict for hair is i have noticed less shedding and more thickness and volume as i do rub some oil on my scalp overnight or sometimes an hour before i wash it. I have also tried the oil on my face as a mask for half hour and washing it off, it does make your skin glow. Another thing this blessed black seed oil works on is fading scars, by this i mean burn scars a few months old and its only been 2weeks of use i rub the oil morning and night i have noticed a improvement. Its truly wonderful i wonder what else it will help its been great so far i highly recommend it to everyone.

  • CougFan - Loveable robot with attitude!

    I pre-ordered Cozmo after seeing Cozmoments! I was unsure if this little robot would match the marketing, but it did! And then some!

  • Alex Roetman - Better than I thought

    The only guitar experience I have is trying to self teach acoustic guitar. Electric is a different animal and I like it. I have yet to try and learn a song as I'm trying to work on the lessons (chords, hammer ons, pull offs, harmonics, etc). If you can't get the regular speed lesson it'll slow down for ya until you can get it there and then speed up. So far I'm having a blast and realizing my fingers aren't as flexible as I thought they were. LOL There is a section on what notes are what but the lessons don't really tell you, which is fine since it's about fret work and not notes. I don't know how "learn a song" goes yet but hopefully it's fun too. If you've never played guitar before I highly suggest this so far. I mean it comes with a decent guitar (so I've been told), which you can buy cheaper used but do you want to save 20 bucks for a used guitar?

  • Dustin - If it breaks the warranty is worthless.

    First I’ll say that I have two other Samsung SSDs and they have worked great, so far in the last year. This drive not so much. I understand that every batch of SSD is going to have a bad apple, and that is not why I have given 1 star, it is because of how difficult Samsung makes it to replace the drive. I have been trying to return this drive going on two weeks now.

  • Turquoise - Appreciate the Payroll Features

    Years ago I had to hire an outside company to do payroll. Now Intuit made it super easy to run payroll, do direct deposit and you can even sign up to do taxes as well. They send reminders so you can always be on top of this. It is worth the monthly fee. Overall, Quickbooks is user friendly and I have recommended it for years.