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  • Patton - Brilliant advice

    I have followed Sander and Bobo for stock advice and counsel since I read their first book. At that time I didn't take action on their recommendations, but I followed the market for the year and tracked what would have happened to my portfolio if I had taken their suggested actions.

  • Michael Maxwell - Great BT Receiver for price

    I will start by saying that this Bluetooth receiver works well and is very compact. There are some specific details that I was concerned about for my application and I will clarify some of the functionality of the device.

  • Jerome Liebertz - Sound is crap but the video quality is good

    Let's say you get what you pay for if your expecting a gopro you will be disappointed but I use mine for outside of a car for drifting so for that the quality of the video is good sound quality is good it has fallen off a few times and the case has protected it well

  • Dorothy - Merry Christmas

    Aurora Teagarden is back. Her domineering husband has passed on (as impossible men must). [I like the way this author creates a difficult character, then discards him, which he deserved. It was not a painless death, either, which satisfied me]. Roe thinks about him sometimes, with ambivalence (to her credit). That marriage had some major snags, he was cement shoes to her. Her new married life with Robin the bestselling mystery writer has just started. (Parents naming their red-headed infant Robin is not kind). He and Roe do not touch, or kiss, or have much in the way of heat. (I feel an untimely death coming on). Roe's half-brother lives with the newlyweds. Robin admits that if Phillip were to move out, he would not be heartbroken. But it's ok with him if he sticks around, which buys him time with the author (marked time). Props to Robin for taking the high road -- little does he know that having a slovenly teenage boy in residence is the tip of the Teagarden family iceberg. Will Robin's endless patience max out? Will he meet someone easier to live with, who doesn't crash on the couch after sundown or vomit all morning? I wouldn't mind if he did. Roe could sustain another widowhood. Plus, I like it when Roe dates.

  • Lee S. Cromwell - I think these are the best for the money oil filters made.

    I think these are the best for the money oil filters made. I buy these on here but because Amazon is now collecting sales tax and you have to buy over $35 for free shipping I will not be buying here unless it's less expensive.

  • Wendy - Awesome bike!

    Love the bike. You do have to be careful going over curbs if you need to, but great smooth ride! Easy to put on and handle.