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  • mimiluvstoshop - Durable at a nice price..

    I run a preschool and these plates are durable, just what I need to feed the children..The are great with any foods as they do not soak through and are strong . They are well worth the price..

  • Carlie Rogers - Counterfeit?

    I typically buy this product from Target. This lotion is not the normal lotion I've been using for the past 2 years. I'm not sure if it was sitting in a hot or cold environment, but it is gritty in consistency. Not the normal smooth face cream. Is this counterfeit?

  • Stephanie - Nice

    This seems to be a great way of saving money in lieu of going to an attorney. I have made three wills using this and are all legit.

  • Gary C. - Not Good For DVD Writing

    I decided to give Roxio Creator a try because I have been looking for a DVD burning software that I am happy with. So far, I have been unable to find anything. Windows DVD Maker and Nero 11 Platinum have both given me DVD's with extremely horrible quality. Most anything else I have tried, have obviously been too terrible to even remember the name. But, Roxio takes the cake. Not only did I struggle to install the software onto my HP, but when I finally get to the point to write a DVD, it is so extremely difficult that I now have a headache. It is not user friendly in the slightest. I tried to write asingle DVD with the minimum features and Roxio somehow came out that the file was FOUR TIMES too big to burn onto a DVD-R. An MPEG-2 file that began at 1.32GB, was now at 12GB after Roxio added a simple menu to it. Roxio Creator is definitely the worst DVD authoring software that I have ever used. Now, you may look at other reviews for insight on other features that RC12 may have, but I am definitely unhappy. It cannot write a DVD at all, and the DivX Media converter is horrible. I currently use Clone2Go Video Converter for any media conversions and I have yet to find one that works better. So, in summation, if you're looking at Roxio Creator 2012 for the same reasons I was, do yourself a favor. Look elsewhere.