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  • Frankie - Try free trial from Quickbooks before you buy

    UPDATE 12 5 10 (earlier posts are below): Since my previous update below, I've exchanged a couple emails with Mr. William Lynes at Intuit, apparently the same person who responds to other (critical) reviews here. He seems sincere in trying to help, offering to look at my company file if I would upload it to Intuit (an offer I turned down) and answering questions about one or two issues I had. The one problem I wrote about below, concerning a memorized report which looks different in QB2011 than it did in QB2007, was NOT resolved by Mr. Lynes, and I am not willing to upload my company file to Intuit as he requested to find out why. This issue is not a "deal killer" for me, though I wish it was resolved.

  • Shaun Noble - 2011 Tachyon XC Micro Helmet Camera

    I've had a couple of requests to review this camera but i've held off as i want to give it a few months of use before doing so. After being involved in a RTA hit and run on my scooter , were a car driver sandwiched me into the side of another car and cleared off leaving me in the road with a broken leg i decided it would be a good idea to film my rides just incase lightening struck twice ! The criteria i set out was it had to be rugged , waterproof ( for the good British summer weather ) and record for a good lenght of time. Picture quality had to be good but didn't need to be HD and sound wasn't to important as who wants to listen to aload of wind whistle anyway.I'm happy to say this little camera has lived up to what it said on the box. I use a 16gb 10 speed card which means no download stutter , the files are recorded in 1-2gb files there by if the batteries fail the whole recording isn't lost. The instruction say use Enegizer batteries which can work out expensive i use Enegizer rechargables ( it does say not to use rechargable batties in the instructions but i've not had any problems ) all in all this is a great helmet camera and a few of my friends are looking into these as they are great value for money.

  • rotaxtwin - It's challenging and fun.

    This "game" is a unique way to learn to play guitar. This is not rock band, this is playing a real guitar. It starts with the basics and you progress through at your pace. It will score you during the exercises and will slow down if you are struggling then pick the pace back up. You will experience sore fingers and more than a few "that was hard moments". I like the variety of the songs included. I also like that I can re-try the same lesson over and over until I feel that I have the technique mastered. I found that if I only move forward after I felt comfortable then the next lesson was easier. You could move through the lessons one after another but I found that I could not keep up with some of the harder techniques. Take your time this is a learning environment and the more work you put in the better the result. One thing that I didn't like was the "tuning" portion. I would struggle trying to get my guitar tuned to the interface. What I did find was the strings would stretch a bit during the strumming portion of the tuning and I would have to adjust the strings a lot. I think the strings will stretch more when new and then settle in. I can get through the tuning much faster after putting some time on the strings.

  • Trevor C. Morgan - Increased fuel economy & performance on 2 cars

    Getting 27 mpg in my Suzuki SX4 now instead of 22-23 mpg. Engine is also not hesitating anymore and the acceleration has picked up. Worked wonders for my car. I also put it in a Ford Fusion that we recently bought used. It has also improved the fuel mileage and performance in that car quite a bit. I love this stuff. Will use it again if either engine starts underperforming.