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Pharmacare Pharmacy - Pharmacare is an Alberta-based health-service company that supports over 4000 patients daily. Our organization specializes in the delivery of clinical services to our clients through an integrated health team.

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  • Arturo - Excellent buy and fit

    I have serval 2010 Men's 3 Series. The 2012 is even better. Fit great on the first try on and took very little breakin even with my 1/2" lift insert in my right shoe. Well worth the money, plus you cannot find them in local stores.

  • Brian Sullinger - Not as bad as other reviews lead you to think

    I got the 2012 version and played it first before going back and getting the 2010 and Decades ones. I have always thought that 2012 FF was very well done and entertaining. I LOVE the host, Sparky Whitmore. That is one think lacking in the 2010 and Decades. The host is off screen and has ZERO personality. Part of the fun of FF is the funny interaction between host and guests.

  • B. Stewart - Fantastic Keyboard - Has Some Quips (Read Below)

    This is really a terrific keyboard, especially at its price. I bought the Stealth Tournament edition since I wanted to not have a number pad. It comes in a beautiful carrying case with a disconnect-able braided cord. I love this, because I travel a lot and the keyboard's case, size, and function allow me to carry it easily when doing so. A few notes: