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Summit Orthopedic Specialists - Northern California Sports Medicine - Northern California's premiere orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine doctors. Arthroscopic surgery, sports injuries. Serving greater Sacramento Area

  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/doctors-and-providers.aspx Doctors, Orthopedic Surgeons, Podiatric Specialists | Northern California - Summit Orthopedic Specialists offer patient access to the most skilled orthopedic doctors, surgeons and podiatric specialists in Northern California.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/board-certified-orthopedic-surgeons.aspx Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeons | Sacramento, Carmichael - Learn about the board certified and board eligible orthopedic surgeons at Summit Orthopedic Specialists.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/orthopedic-oncologists.aspx Orthopedic Oncologist, Bone Tumor Treatment - NCOC - Meet orthopedic oncologist, Dr. Robert M. Tamurian. Board certified orthopaedic surgeon. Specializes in bone, soft tissue tumors, and limb preservation surgery. Northern California orthopedic oncologist.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/physician-assistants.aspx Physicians Assistants | Summit Orthopedic Specialists - Meet the Team of Physicians Assistants at Summit Orthopedic Specialists. Orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, sports medicine.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/orthopedic-specialties.aspx Orthopedic Specialties | Summit Orthopedic Specialists - Orthopedic specialists at SOS are skilled in broad range of orthopedic care, sports medicine services. Hip, knee, spine, foot, ankle injury treatments
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/hip-specialist.aspx Hip Pain and Fracture Specialists | Sacramento | Carmichael - The hip pain and fracture specialists at SOS care for injuries like hip dysplasia, impingement, and hip arthroscopy. Learn more about our hip specialties.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/knee-specialist.aspx Knee Pain Specialists | Sacramento | Carmichael - The knee pain specialists at SOS care for knee injuries like torn ACLs and other forms of knee pain. Learn about knee injuries and how we can help.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/makoplasty.aspx MAKOplasty - Robotic Knee Surgery, Knee Resurfacing - MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing, an innovative new procedure designed to provide quicker recovery and improved surgical outcomes for patients with early to mid-stage osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/arthroscopic-surgery.aspx Arthroscopic Surgery | Sacramento | Carmichael - SOS offers the Sacramento area’s only hip arthroscopy program and also performs other arthroscopic surgery procedures, including shoulder, knee and ankle.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/joint-replacement-reconstruction.aspx Joint Replacement & Reconstruction | Sacramento | Carmichael - A knee or hip replacement can relieve pain and discomfort and increase mobility. Orthopedic surgeons at Summit Orthopedic Specialists are skilled at joint replacement surgery.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/cartilage-restoration.aspx Cartilage Restoration Treatments - Repair Cartilage Damage - Start cartilage restoration treatments to repair damaged cartilage, stop pain, restore function. Get the latest treatments for cartilage injuries.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/orthopedic-urgent-care.aspx Orthopedic Urgent Care | Sacramento | Carmichael - Summit is pleased to provide orthopedic urgent care that fits your schedule with short wait times and without an appointment.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/sports-med-urgent-care.aspx Sports Medicine Urgent Care | Sacramento | Carmichael - SOS provides urgent care for sports medicine, athletic injuries. Get immediate expert attention for complex fractures, sprains, cuts, concussions.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/pediatric-orthopedics.aspx Pediatric Orthopedics, Pediatric Medicine | Sacramento, Carmichael - The pediatric orthopedic program at SOS provides high quality, family-centered care designed to meet the special needs of children and adolescents.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/pediatric-sports-medicine.aspx Pediatric Sports Medicine | Sacramento, Carmichael - Child sports injuries are frequent. SOS provides specialized care to effectively treat sports injuries of growing children.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/elbow-specialist.aspx Elbow Injury Specialists | Sacramento | Carmichael - The elbow injury specialists at Summit provide care for injuries like tennis elbow (or lateral epicondylitis. Learn about our elbow injury treatments.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/hand-and-wrist-specialist.aspx Carpel Tunnel and Tendinitis Treatment | Northern California - The hand and wrist specialists at Summit provide care for tendonitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, bursitis and other injuries. Learn more about our specialties.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/shoulder-specialist.aspx Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Specialists | Northern California - SOS specializes in shoulder and rotator cuff injuries such as shoulder dislocation and labral injury. Learn about these shoulder injuries and how we can help.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/orthopedic-trauma.aspx Orthopedic Trauma | Sacramento | Carmichael - SOS orthopedic surgeons are available around the clock for people who experience a traumatic accident or injury. Orthopedic trauma surgeons at SOS offer treatment for major and minor injuries.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/orthopedic-oncology.aspx Orthopedic Oncology | Sacramento | Carmichael - Summit Orthopedic Specialists offers the region’s only orthopedic oncology program, specializing in bone and soft tissue tumors that affect the musculoskeletal system.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/limb-preservation.aspx Limb Preservation | Sacramento | Carmichael - SOS is dedicated to the treatment of orthopedic conditions that threaten a limb. Patients dealing with diseased or injured extremities who are at risk for amputation turn to us for our limb sparing surgical expertise.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/amputation-care.aspx Amputation Care | Sacramento | Carmichael - Our Amputation Care Doctors at SOS works with you to manage the unique needs of individuals who have lost a limb.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/arthritis.aspx Arthritis Doctors - Summit Orthopedic Specialists - Suffering from Arthritis? Contact SOS today to consult with one of our orthopedics specialists on treating arthritis.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/osteoporosis-treatment.aspx Osteoporosis Treatment | Sacramento | Carmichael - Osteoporosis is characterized by increasing bone loss. Learn about osteoporosis treatments offered by the Summit Orthopedic Specialists.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/services.aspx Orthopedic Services | Sacramento | Carmichael - Orthopedic services at SOS include a range of medical services for our patients – from orthopedic urgent care to independent medical evaluations.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/digital-x-ray.aspx Bone Radiology (X-Ray) Services | Sacramento | Carmichael - Bone radiology is a service offered to our patients. Our digital bone x-rays identify and diagnose bone injuries and disorders so we can you better care.
  • http://www.mysummitortho.com/sports-school-physicals.aspx School and Sports Physicals | Sacramento | Carmichael - At Summit Orthopedic Specialists, we offer sports physicals for our Sacramento, Carmichael, and Lincoln patients.

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