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Home - The Lundbeck Foundation Center of Excellence NanoCAN (Nanomedicine Research Center for Cancer Stem Cell Targeting Therapeutics) combines genomics, molecular biology, nanotechnology, cancer and stem cell research from the basic to the clinical level. Its main mission is to develop innovative approaches for improved cancer treatments.

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  • william mathes - the first one works fine and i love it

    i have 2 of these . the first one works fine and i love it, but the second was loaded with different data.. when you try to get the list of add-ons, its not the same as the other box. It appears to be the web sites for the hosts of the servers. I dont know how to reprogram or if I can. Ive sent email request for help and received no response. I hope this review will get me some help.

  • Yelena - Love them, my 3

    Love them, my 3.5 year old son enjoys them a lot, wants to wear all the time, gets compliments a lot, true to size!!

  • alou - Incredible piece of work always been a fan of J ...

    Incredible piece of work always been a fan of J.Cole. He's been consistent and knows exactly what he is doing and where he is going with his career.

  • Amazon Customer - Better than Nonstick!

    Great baking pan — I needed it to bake gluten-free pizzas and it didn't disappoint. My old aluminum Bakers Secret pans performed terribly with the crust sticking badly, despite being very well greased with Pam AND olive oil. With this new pan I greased with oil but not Pam. Baked at 400 as usual. It was easy to slice and remove with only a little residue left on the pan. I was thrilled I didn't have to use PAM because I have concerns about it. To clean up, all I had to do was fill the pan with warm water and a little Dawn and let soak a couple minutes, then washed with a Scotchbrite sponge. With a little scrubbing, no residue left.