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New Hope Foundation - success in the treatment of addiction.New Hope Foundation | Dedicated to Success In Recovery - New Hope Foundation is dedicated to the treatment of adults and adolescents affected with alcohol, drug and gambling addiction.

  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/about/ About Us - New Hope Foundation - Success in RecoveryNew Hope Foundation - When it comes to recovery, “one size fits all” does not apply. At New Hope Foundation, we provide a broad range of therapies to battle addiction.
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/about/history/ History - New Hope Foundation Treating Those In NeedNew Hope Foundation - Founded more than 35 years ago, New Hope Foundation is a non-profit (5013) corporation serving those in need of treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction and compulsive gambling.
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/about/philosophy/ Addiction Treatment Philosophy at New Hope FoundationNew Hope Foundation - Our focus and each client’s treatment plan are designed to address his or her needs during those first critical weeks and months of addiction recovery.
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/about/facilities/ New Hope Facilities New JerseyNew Hope Foundation - Located in New Jersey, New Hope Foundation residential, transitional and outpatient facilities serve those affected with addiction succeed in recovery.
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/about/leadership/ New Hope Foundation LeadershipNew Hope Foundation - New Hope Foundation Leadership - Led by Dr. Tony Comerford, Ph.D. and David Roden, LCSW, LCADC
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/about/trustees/ TrusteesNew Hope Foundation - Board of Trustees Ed Galli, Chairman Martin Krupnick, Psy.D. Vice Chair John F. Tesauro, Jr., Esq., Treasurer Andrew Bestafka, Esq. Assistant Treasurer And
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/addiction-recovery-services/ Addiction Recovery Services | New Hope FoundationNew Hope Foundation - New Hope Foundation's addiction recovery services are dedicated to the effective treatment and successful recovery of individuals suffering from alcoholism, drug and other addictions.
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/addiction-recovery-services/assessing-your-problem/ Assessing Your Problem | New Hope FoundationNew Hope Foundation - Assessing your addiction problem: The assessment is confidential and produces a report for your personal use or to share with a healthcare provider.
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/addiction-recovery-services/rehabilitation-treatment-settings/ Rehabilitation Treatment SettingsNew Hope Foundation - Those afflicted with addiction have different needs, limitations, and capabilities at different stages on their road to recovery. Thus, New Hope provides a
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/addiction-recovery-services/rehabilitation-treatment-settings/outpatient-services/ Outpatient ServicesNew Hope Foundation - New Hope offers a full range of adult and adolescent, outpatient addiction treatment and prevention services, including both day and evening intensive serv
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/addiction-recovery-services/rehabilitation-treatment-settings/detox/ Detox Program- New Hope Foundation, Marlboro NJNew Hope Foundation - New Hope's Detox Program ensures a safe, medically-supervised withdrawal from alcohol and other substances in a comfortable, non-hospital setting.
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/addiction-recovery-services/rehabilitation-treatment-settings/residential-adult-care/ Adult Residential CareNew Hope Foundation - Our Adult Residential Care Program provides a variable length of stay (up to 90 days) required for the implementation of personalized treatment plans. Prog
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/addiction-recovery-services/rehabilitation-treatment-settings/halfway-houses/ Halfway House Services – MenNew Hope Foundation - New Hope operates two halfway homes for men. These settings provide safe and stable living environments where those new to sobriety receive valuable suppor
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/addiction-recovery-services/rehabilitation-treatment-settings/halfway-house-services-women/ Halfway House Services - WomenNew Hope Foundation - New Hope provides halfway home services specifically designed for women in Long Branch, NJ and for women and women with dependent children in Asbury Park,
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/addiction-recovery-services/rehabilitation-treatment-settings/residential-adolescent-care/ Adolescent Residential CareNew Hope Foundation - New Hope's Adolescent Programming (age 13-17) is specifically designed to provide a setting and structure in which adolescents can be successful in meeting
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/for-families/ For FamiliesNew Hope Foundation - Answers to Questions for Families and Loved Ones For families faced with an addicted loved one, hope can feel completely out of reach. But hope is real, an
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/addiction-recovery-services/how-to-finance-your-recovery/ Financing Your RecoveryNew Hope Foundation - We are proud that New Hope is able to charge reasonable fees for the high quality services it delivers. In addition to accepting private payment, we contra
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/faqs-2/ Frequently Asked Questions - New Hope FoundationNew Hope Foundation - Frequently Asked Questions - New Hope Foundation: Questions about admissions for the treatment of substance use disorders and compulsive gambling
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/donate/ Support New HopeNew Hope Foundation - Fighting for those affected by addiction, one person at a time, sometimes seems overwhelming even to us. But while working with active addiction is a tough
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/donate/give/ GiveNew Hope Foundation - A non-profit (501 ) corporation, New Hope strives to ensure that each dollar you donate is spent effectively and efficiently to provide those we serve with
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/donate/volunteer/ VolunteerNew Hope Foundation - New Hope gratefully welcomes volunteers from the recovering community. Our volunteers act as temporary sponsors to those new to recovery and serve in a var
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/contact-us/ Contact Us to speak with a New Hope Foundation representativeNew Hope Foundation - Contact Us to speak with a New Hope Foundation representative to request additional information or services for yourself or someone you know
  • http://www.newhopefoundation.org/2011/01/eds-story/ Ed Recovered From Alcohol AddictionNew Hope Foundation - Deep down I knew I had a problem but I guess I just wasn’t ready to quit using alcohol.

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