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NIVHA Drug and Alcohol Testing Solutions United Kingdom and Ireland - NIVHA Drug and Alcohol Testing Solutions is one of the United Kingdom and Ireland's leading providers of Drug and Alcohol screening products and services to the Workplace and Legal Services. With offices in Belfast and Edinburgh giving coverage across Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, England and Europe. We use and supply Dräger breathalysers and drug testing devices.

  • http://www.nivha.net/page-information/contact Contact | NIVHA - General Contact Number: +44 (0) 2893 438 051 General Email: [email protected] Click Here to Generate a Fee Note  Belfast Office 5 Legacy Building Northern
  • http://www.nivha.net/page-information/about-us About Us | NIVHA - NIVHA Laboratory Services Ltd.   Formed in 1992 nivha has ISO 9001:2008 certification for Drug and Alcohol Collection and Testing. Now based in
  • http://www.nivha.net/sales-and-servicing Sales, Service and Calibration | NIVHA - NIVHA offer a wide range of Breath Testing and Drug Testing Solutions for the Individual or Corporate use. The range starts with a simple combination Drug and
  • http://www.nivha.net/legal-services Safeguarding Children & Legal Services | NIVHA - Welcome to Safeguarding Children   NIVHA offers a comprehensive range of products to assist the courts, judges or healthcare professionals involved in
  • http://www.nivha.net/legal-services/explanation Overview | NIVHA - Parental Drug & Alcohol Misuse In order to protect children, it is sometimes necessary for courts to direct that adults directly concerned in their
  • http://www.nivha.net/legal-services/hair-testing-for-alcohol Hair Testing for Alcohol | NIVHA - Minor metabolites of alcohol can be measured in hair. Their presence can be used as an indicator of excessive alcohol consumption. Ethyl glucuronide (EtG) is
  • http://www.nivha.net/legal-services/hair-testing-for-drugs Hair Testing for Drugs | NIVHA - Drugs are incorporated into growing hair and therefore the analysis of a sample of hair can be used as a tool to help demonstrate retrospective abstention. It
  • http://www.nivha.net/legal-services/urine-testing-for-alcohol-and-drugs Urine Testing for Alcohol and Drugs | NIVHA - Drugs Although hair is considered the best matrix to detect retrospective drug abuse, urine can also be used for this purpose. It is particularly useful if
  • http://www.nivha.net/legal-services/explanation-5 Breath Testing for Alcohol | NIVHA - Breath-Testing there is a predictable relationship between blood alcohol concentration and breath alcohol concentration. Consequently, breathtesting is an
  • http://www.nivha.net/legal-services/explanation-6 Blood Testing | NIVHA - A range of Blood Tests are available. Please Contact NIVHA for further information.  
  • http://www.nivha.net/legal-services/legal-faqs Legal FAQ’s | NIVHA - FAQ’s – Hair Testing for Alcohol & Drugs (Legal Services) Why is Hair Testing for Drugs so useful? Drugs are incorporated into growing hair. Because
  • http://www.nivha.net/workplace-solutions Workplace Services | NIVHA - Welcome to our workplace solutions Modular approach NIVHA not only provide a full range of workplace drug and alcohol solutions for pre-employment,
  • http://www.nivha.net/workplace-solutions/blood-alcohol-content-calculator Blood Alcohol Content Calculator | NIVHA - Here is a useful tool for calculating whether you are legal to drive or not. This could save your license, and you life!
  • http://www.nivha.net/workplace-solutions/overview-2 Overview | NIVHA - Workplace As misuse of alcohol and drugs becomes of increasing concern in society, the issue of substance misuse by employees is also assuming greater
  • http://www.nivha.net/workplace-solutions/policies Policies | NIVHA - Substance Abuse Policy The introduction of testing into an organisation should be warranted and be proportionate to the risks it is designed to counter. An
  • http://www.nivha.net/workplace-solutions/testing/procedures The Process | NIVHA - The testing of individuals for alcohol and drugs should be regarded as a tool to help support the substance abuse policy. There are three main types of testing
  • http://www.nivha.net/workplace-solutions/testing/strategy-alcohol Strategy (Alcohol) | NIVHA - After heart disease and cancer, alcohol misuse is now the third largest health problem in the UK. Moderate alcohol use is normal, but alcohol abuse or
  • http://www.nivha.net/workplace-solutions/testing/strategy-drugs Strategy (Drugs) | NIVHA - General Test Principles In general, drug testing involves two stages. In the first stage, the samples are screened for drug groups (usually by immunoassay). If
  • http://www.nivha.net/workplace-solutions/testing/workplace-faqs Workplace FAQ’s | NIVHA - FAQ’s – Workplace Testing Are there standard guidelines for workplace drug testing in the UK? Much of the background, science and theory which form the
  • http://www.nivha.net/workplace-solutions/testing/collection-services Collection Services | NIVHA - NIVHA provides a full range of workplace solutions, including a collection service for all types of testing. Mobile Testing Unit NIVHA can provide a fully
  • http://www.nivha.net/workplace-solutions/testing/in-house-testing In-House Testing | NIVHA - In House or Point of Collection Testing   Nivha strongly believe that most companies have a number of individuals within the company who after training
  • http://www.nivha.net/workplace-solutions/client-enabled-services Client Enabled Services | NIVHA - NIVHA provides a full range of workplace solutions, including providing everything you will need for in-house or self-testing testing.   Although some
  • http://www.nivha.net/workplace-solutions/counseling Counseling | NIVHA - Advice and Counselling should be part of a substance misuse (drug and alcohol) policy. Most company policies can accommodate employees who are identified as
  • http://www.nivha.net/workplace-solutions/medical-review Medical Review | NIVHA - The medical review process is an important part of the drug testing procedure. It is carried out by an occupational physician (Medical Review Officer, MRO) or
  • http://www.nivha.net/workplace-solutions/training-and-education Training and Education | NIVHA - Employee & Management Training It is important that a comprehensive training and education programme is used to communicate details of a company drug and
  • http://www.nivha.net/workplace-solutions/visa-application-services VISA Application Services | NIVHA - Some jurisdictions require potential employees to have undergone a drug test before a Visa application can be granted. In most circumstances, an authorised
  • http://www.nivha.net/dna-paternity-testing DNA Paternity Testing | NIVHA - DNA & Paternity Testing Nivha can provide DNA testing services for: Home Paternity Testing Here after obtaining a DNA kit (for up to 3 people)

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