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  • Rathael G. Fambro - poor

    I don't think this product was authentic. it didn't help like it should have. please do more research before buying natural products.

  • RWmccurdy - Good value for entry level

    This is a good value for the infancy of this technology. Wireless ear buds are just starting to hit the mainstream with a variety of different brands and kick starter campaigns. For an entry level set of wireless ear buds these are not bad. Sound quality is good and they do not stick out of your ear an excessive amount when wearing them. In real time battery usage I was able to squeeze out about 5 hours of usage, which is on the low side of most wireless ear buds, but acceptable. The two areas where I knocked off some stars were the unstable Bluetooth connection and proprietary charging cable. These two things are crucial for two reasons. It is not enjoyable to listen to music that drops every few minutes and having a proprietary charging cable means that if you lose the charging cable you will have to by a brand new set of earbuds. I can understand having to take some shortcuts with the cheap plastic build of the ear buds to bring the price down. However, a stable Bluetooth connection and a more universal charging method are fundamental to having a good set of wireless earbuds.

  • MBA Student - fits alpine 12" type E's

    So i bought this to install 2 12" alpine type E subs under the seat of my 07 ram. I was nervous at first because all the reviews said that subs didn't fit and they needed spacers...well not the case for the type e's. thy do fit snug, kinda have to make sure the wires are pushes to the side so it does fit, but that was effortless. I will mention that that the quality is quite good for a $100 box. I doubt id be ale to make a box that fits this well, looks this nice, and for the same price..not to mention the amount of time it'll take to measure and the chance of scuffing the doors trying to fit everything. Also, when the seats are folded down, the bottom of the seat is barely touching the sub. Not really an issue with the box, since those under-seat compartments dont give you much to work with i the first place..but if you primarily have the seats folded up then you should have good air flow and wont damage ur subs.

  • Christian Hayes - What a cool design

    Beautiful quality and Awesome look , based value case out there , cannot wait to put my New IPhone 7 plus in here when I get it !

  • Shelby - Some nausea (probably varies person to person), but it works

    This isn't a miracle pill that makes you lose weight, but you can feel it working as a pre-workout pill. You get more energy and the thermogenic aspect kicks in fast. The only problem I have with this product is the nausea. About an hour into my workout I'll get this insane rush of nausea. I have to get into a cool place fast, or sit down for 20+ minutes before it goes away. I thought maybe I had burned too many calories and my body was hungry for food/nutrients or I had overheated from the thermogenesis the pill created and that was making my nauseous, but who knows, all I know is that I never get that wave of nausea when I workout without it.