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Norbrook Laboratories | Veterinary, Equine, Farm Animal and Pet Products - Norbrook is a world leader in Procaine, Benzocaine, Flunixin, Ivermectin, Carprofen and Oxytetracycline. Norbrook is a true innovator and dedicated to novel research and revolutionary processes and products.

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  • Julianna W. Hudson - ... and the first whey protein that I can digest easily without bloat

    Yummy and the first whey protein that I can digest easily without bloat! Great product and could really tell a difference in my lean muscle gain/fat loss! Thanks, IdealShape! I am a regular consumer now! :)

  • Joe P. - Great allergy medicine

    This stuff really is incredible. It will handle seasonal allergies just about as good as anything else without all the side effects. Additionally, most of the ingredients have other positive effects.

  • Yubiri - It's old...

    I believe mine's probably a few years old... or it had been left in the heat because there was a gross yellow layer at the top that keeps coming back no matter how many times I shake it. That and it breaks me out where my hair touches the side of my face. I have used this product many times before and this has never happened. I already broke the seal ( which came off with the slightest touch-- makes me think it had been tampered with or the glue used on it was ancient) so I couldn't return it. Oh well. I'm just not going to buy from this seller again.

  • I. Bennett - Definetly Recommend

    I've been using this product for almost a month and I can definetly see slight results. I read a review saying it took 4 months to see full results, Im confident it that time frame. Maybe even less than that with consistant application. Obviously it doesnt work over night but I do recommend it !

  • Baniced - Well built Laser light projector

    Does this sound familiar? Untangling the 20 or so strands of Christmas lights to see which ones still work, then spending the entire Saturday afternoon in the cold to hang them on every bush/tree in your front yard, then when you turn them on, there are those few strands that have now decided to not cooperate and you sit there to find out what bulb is causing this problem so you get frustrated and proceed to shake the wires hoping that will make it work, while causing the strings to fall off the branches you just spent the last hour hanging them on...and not to mention that after everything is to your liking, there is that one pesky squirrel that decides to chew through one or two of the wires throughout the Holiday season to cause you more frustration...AND don't forget the time it takes to take them down and pack them away!