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NQ Surgical Dentistry l Dental Implants - NQ Surgical Dentistry Townsville offer services in gum disease treatment, dental and oral surgery, and surgical and restorative implant dentistry.

  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/treatments/ Our Treatments | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Exceeding the patience expectation has always been our goal and we can do this by offering a wide range of treatments from cleaning to jaw reconstruction & more
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/wisdom-teeth-surgical-extractions/ Wisdom Teeth Removal & Extractions | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Are your wisdom teeth impacting your day-to-day activities? Don’t put up with the pain and infection anymore call us today to make an appointment for removal.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/dental-implants-townsville/ Dental Implants in Townsville | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Improve your quality of life by replacing your missing teeth. Dental implants is a common procedure to replace missing teeth or add stability to dentures.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/dental-hygiene-therapy-townsville/ Dental Hygienist Therapy Townsville | NQ Surgical Dentistry - No dental team is complete without a dental hygienist & at NQ Surgical Dentistry Sharon Everett provides our dental hygiene care. Sharon has a gentle touch.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/apicectomy/ Apicectomy in Townsville | NQ Surgical Dentistry - An apicectomy is a surgical root canal treatment to shorten the root to remove infected tissue. It sealed from the root end. For more information call 47251656.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/frenectomy-treatment-gum-recession/ Frenectomy & Gum Treatments | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Tongue-tie (frenectomy) & gum recession are treatable with surgical procedures. Dr Colin Priestland is able to assist with both. Call today for an appointment.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/bone-grafts-townsville-qld/ Bone Grafts in Townsville QLD | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Lossing bone can occur for several different reasons so bone grafts may be required before tooth implants are used. For more information please call 0747251656
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/dental-extractions-alveolectomy/ Dental Extractions & Alveolectomy | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Complex Tooth removal requires surgery due to the complex nature of roots or proximity to sinuses or nerves. Wisdom tooth removal may need this type of surgery.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/dental-trauma/ Dental Trauma Townsville | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Do you have fractured, damaged or missing teeth? If your tooth has been knocked out, keep the tooth and see NQ Surgical Dentistry within 45 mins of loss.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/implant-retained-dentures-townsville/ Implant-retained Dentures Townsville | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Restore function, the appearance of your smile, and your confidence with implant retained dentures at NQ Surgical Dentistry. Call today for an appointment.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/intravenous-sedation/ Intravenous Sedation | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Are you nervous or scared about undergoing dental treatment? Intravenous sedation can help you conquer your fear of the dentist.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/oral-diseases/ Oral Diseases | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Oral diseases are of much concern in dentistry. Examples: dental decay, periodontal/gum disease, mouth ulcers, & soft tissue lesions. Early treatment is key.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/bone-surgery/ Bone Surgery | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Have you had facial trauma to teeth/bone, you may require bone surgery to reconstruct your facial features & to support your teeth. Contact Us for more info.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/periodontics-gum-disease-treatment/ Periodontics – Gum Disease Treatment | NQ Surgical Dentistry - The purpose of periodontal treatment is to stop/slow down the process of gum disease. Treat early to prevent a stroke or heart disease.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/pre-prosthetic-surgery/ Pre-Prosthetic Surgery | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Patients who need dentures often also require preparation of the gum and underlying bone to provide a stable foundation to support the denture.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/temporomandibular-joint-tmj-disorders/ Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) | NQ Surgical Dentistry - The jaw joint, known as TMJ, has a small disc inside and can become damaged, displaced, or overstressed causing TMJ or facial pain, joint clicking or locking.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/patient-information-centre/ Patient Information Centre | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Patients from around Australia fly into Townsville for treatment with Dr Priestland. We assist patients helping make their trip as pleasant as possible.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/aboutus/ About | NQ Surgical Dentistry - NQ Surgical Dentistry is led by Dr. Colin Priestland, with an aim to provide the best possible standard of care for all patients & using the latest technology.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/meet-the-team/ Meet the Team | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Our Townsville practice has a friendly and tranquil atmosphere where our team works closely with you to give you the best dental care you deserve.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/useful-links/ Useful Links | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Supplemental information & links that Dr Colin Priestland feels will help with continued patient education & his desire to exceed patient expectations.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/faqs/ FAQs on the Practice | NQ Surgical Dentistry - NQ Surgical Dentistry offers a range of services for their patients. Listening and then explaining options that are customer made to your individual needs.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/contact-us/ Contact Us | NQ Surgical Dentistry - NQ Surgical Dentistry is a full service practice, with general cleaning to surgical extractions and bone reconstruction, using top of the line technology.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/latest-news-and-information/women-and-oral-health-dental-health-week-1-7-august-2016/ Women & Oral Health: 1-7 August 2016 | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Woman and Oral Health is this year’s theme, which is all about encouraging women to take charge of their oral health throughout every part of their life.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/latest-news-and-information/dental-issues-can-occur-reach-50s-beyond/ Dental Issues in Your 50's | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Some dental issues to be aware of if you are 50 or older: Discoloured/Stained Teeth, Dry Mouth, Oral Cancer, and Tooth Loss. All can be treated. Call Us Today.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/latest-news-and-information/snoring-obstructive-sleep-apnoea-osa-explained/ Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Explained | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Snoring & Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) are causing issues with health & relationships. Proper diagnosis & treatments are needed before severe issues arise.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/latest-news-and-information/dental-issues-can-occur-40s/ Dental Issues in Your 40s | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Unfortunately, dental work doesn’t last forever, so this is the decade to replace old fillings, get regular checkups for gum disease, & watch for stained teeth.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/latest-news-and-information/dental-issues-can-occur-30s/ Dental Issues in Your 30s | NQ Surgical Dentistry - In your 30’s is when dental repercussions arise from damage caused by your youth & start to show such as gum disease, previous dental trauma, & dietary issues.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/latest-news-and-information/dental-issues-can-occur-20s/ Dental Issues in Your 20s | NQ Surgical Dentistry - In your 20s, you may indulge in behaviours that test the limits of oral health including smoking, bad eating, binge drinking & ignored orthodontic aftercare.
  • http://www.nqsurgicaldentistry.com.au/latest-news-and-information/failing-teeth-part-2/ Failing teeth? Part 2 | NQ Surgical Dentistry - Part 2 explains the different solutions for possible failing teeth. These options include dentures, implants, & fixed or removable bridge. Book a consult today.

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