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  • Fiat Lux - Only dogged determination can prevent your canine from destroying your home

    I finally gave in to my wife and kids and we got a new puppy. While superficially she looks adorable, in-depth ethnographic observation of the animal reveals that she is, in fact, an abomination released upon unsuspecting humanity, and possibly a harbinger of Doom. The wretched animal is peeing prodigiously all over my house and guess who has to clean it up. It's funny how before we got the hound my wife and kids solemnly vowed to take care of "the sweet new addition to our family" in "every possible way" including thoroughly decontaminating the site where the dog might have "the occasional accident" prior to being fully housetrained. And yet at the first sight of elimination my wife and kids act suspiciously busy and try their darnedest to teleport to a galaxy as far far away from the offending puddle as possible. So I am left holding the bag, literally speaking, and have been involuntarily and reluctantly pressed into service as an unwilling janitor (the term 'shanghaing' is defined as "the practice of conscripting men by coercive techniques such as trickery, intimidation, or violence" and describes my current situation perfectly).

  • Michael G. - This is just awesome. Daughter can't stop working with it

    This is just awesome. Daughter can't stop working with it. Looking at downloading the python SDK for it to do some programming very cool product well thought out. Nice job......

  • david goldberg - Absolutely love this stuff

    Absolutely love this stuff. Haven't even finished the first bottle and my concentrations is up, I am in a better mood, and my pesky shoulder pain is all but gone. Customer for life!

  • Jeana L. - Great for Athlete Back Acne

    My son loves to use this to battle back acne. He uses it daily, if you use on your face it could cause some chaffing and dryness, he said it's perfect for an athlete battling pad acne.

  • Rdys - like this foam better

    Used the liquid for years .. like this foam better. Doesn't run down my head when applied. Does Rogaine work ? Does for me. Check out my picture , That's my all my hair (sorry about the hat) .. both my grandfathers and my father were balding by the mid 30's .. I'm well into my 70's with long white hair. Rogaine may not work for everyone ... but I'd give it a shot if you're interested.

  • Eric D. Reeves - This is a great cube straight out of the box

    This is a great cube straight out of the box. I had a little trouble getting used to the rounded profile, as my