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Superior Officers Council NYPD - The Superior Officers Council currently manages and distributes a variety benefits for New York Police Department Lieutenants, Captains,Police Surgeons, Inspectors, Deputy Inspectors and Deputy Cheifs - over 2500 active members and their dependents and over 4600 retired members and their dependents.

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  • E. Zuniga - A Disjointed Effort from Michael

    It's been clear for a while now that Michael Buble has been looking out to branch away from the standards that launched his career into his own brand of pop. From his debut to Nobody But Me, Michael's albums have steadily featured more and more on his own pop songs and away from the "safe pop" of Call Me Irresponsible's "Everything." But this exposes a problem that is especially prevalent in Nobody But Me: the standards he continues to do combine with his own pop songs (themselves which have become increasingly exploratory of more genres such as rap) combine to make for an uneven album. It's as if Michael tries to have it both ways - relying on his bread and butter standards, while also really trying branch out into pop. While I reside in the "standards" camp, I can understand Michael in not wanting to limit his career to simply singing other's songs. However, what made his earlier pop songs like "Everything" great was that they seamlessly combined with the rest of the album in a complementary and cohesive effort, in a way that they don't in Nobody But Me.

  • Gwen98 - Excited child now a coin collector and learning the states names at the same time!

    My nine year old daughter is excited to see the new quarters as they are released and can't wait to add them to her map. I think this is also a great way for her to learn all of the states names as she searches for the coins she doesn't have or waits for the coins to be released. We did not need the slots for the extra mints as we are not that serious of collectors. The colors of the map and quality of the material it was made of make a nice sturdy display. Well worth the money.

  • Janelstarz - You can feel it working!

    This hot cream is great for pain relief, muscle relaxing, and cellulite. Using this hot cream for cellulite is anti aging and helps give the appearance of firmer and tighter skin by reducing cellulite and fat deposits. If you are looking for a great cellulite cream for your skin, this is a great product to try. The hot cream comes in a large container that is clean with a white wide mouth twist on/off lid. The color of the hot cream is a peach color. You only need to use a small amount of the hot cream because it spreads on your skin well and you only need to apply it to specific target areas where you have cellulite, pain, or muscle aches, although it can be used all over. The cream goes on clear and it does not feel oily when I put it on my skin. After applying the hot cream to my skin and massaging it on my skin using my fingertips in circular motions, I let it absorb before dressing which only took a couple minutes to fully absorb. After about 1 minute it had absorbed well into my skin. You can feel it heat up your skin so you can actually feel it working. If you are looking for younger looking skin and want to get rid of cellulite and fat deposits, this is a good cream for you to use. With continued use I hope to see great results. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. If you found this review helpful please click Yes below.

  • Aunt B - Better creams for less money

    This body cream is an OK body cream, however there are better creams for a LOT less money. I bought this because of all the claims on pinterest that it helps eczema. It does nothing for eczema. Since there were no local salespeople for plexus in my area, I bought from amazon because I knew it would be safe. The product was extremely more expensive this way but less of a commitment(joining the club, dealing with a salesperson, etc.).

  • JJLOCK - SUPER thick and slimy GROSS snotty like consistency

    I dont know if I got a bad batch of this or what but this stuff is VERY VERY thick, stringy with a snot like consistency. I dont know whats going on here. It's impossible to rinse out and leaves your scalp very itchy.

  • Bear evans - Makes beats a scam!

    Just came in and I worked out with them for two hours straight. I'm a cross trainer and body builder, these head phones have so much base, they stay on your ear even when walking on your hands, they feel flimsy, but that's why the are comfortable!! Great buy !!