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  • Greg R - Aborted Installation

    Ever wonder why some companies seem to experience an "unusually high" call volume all the time? I usually don't last more than 30 minutes on hold, so I was never able to get McAfee to resolve the installation problems with this product. If your time is valuable to you, you might want to consider something else.

  • frances hill - freezes your previous work.....hate it

    when i downloaded, the program (publisher) it froze all my work on my computer. I tried to work with both but I couldn't make it so I could use both programs...I want my money back and you can delete the Microsoft from my computer. There was no way I could make the Microsoft publisher and my microsoft word compatible

  • W. Higgins - Good Cheap Henckels knives

    I got this knife set for a new apartment, and I'm quite happy I did. It's got all the standard knives you need, the paring knife is serrated which I thought was a bit different, but the chefs knife is a good size and the bread knife is really good. The bonus cheese knife is sharp as all heck, and there's a filet and boning knife too that are a good size. I'm a pretty decent home cook, and these knives are going to suit me just fine.

  • D. Vaughan - Great replacements for stock tweeters

    Great replacements for the stock factory tweeters. Very easy to install, sound if very good. Should have purchased them sooner.

  • S. Dubya - Will Not Work for Comcast Internet and Voice

    Just wanted to send a warning out there for people like me who are not tech savvy with modems - I found out the hard and long way that this modem will NOT work if you have Comcast internet and telephone. It only has a cable jack and an Ethernet jack (the Ethernet cable is the cable that runs from your computer or router to the modem). For Comcast voice, you need a telephony cable modem that has a cable jack, Ethernet jack, AND a phone jack. I discovered after a visit to Frys that 99.9% of the cable modems do not have phone jacks - 3 of the 4 salespeople I spoke with had never even heard of one having a phone jack. However, the Best Buys that have a Comcast installation center in them DO sell the special telephony cable modem (brand is Arris), but it costs $150. I'm sure I could have found one cheaper online, but I was pretty done with it by then. The rental fee for the Arris modem through Comcast is $7 a month. It would take over 21 months of rental fees to pay off the $150 price, and by then something new would be on the market. So I just bit the bullet and rented from Comcast. Hope this info saves someone else a day of frustration.

  • Nicole - What a scam...

    This whole line is a joke. Any review with more than 1 star is OBVIOUSLY a person trying to sell this stuff ( hence the email addresses added to the end of the "great" reviews) i paid over $60 for 4 masks and it did absolutely NOTHING to my skin. DON'T waste your hard earned money on this garbage. Everyone is trying to make a buck off this crap and i somehow got roped into it. Ill stick to the SK-II masks they actually work!

  • Amazon Customer - Well worth it for the money. You can't buy it anywhere cheaper, I promise!

    I bought them as a gift for my brother and I know he thought I spent double what I truly paid. It was a great deal. You figure 5 pans, 5 lids, for $10 a set, that's fantastic and it's T- Fal, which is a decent brand name so it's well worth it. It comes in a huge box. I was impressed and my brother was thrilled.