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  • Johanna Alley - Alkalize or die!

    This is one of the best products in the world. Our cells need oxygen to be healthy and Cellfood does the job. You will need to build up to a large dose if you are in dis-ease, but you will get results. Pathogens cannot live in an alkaline environment and Cellfood alkalizes the body. When you are healthy again the maintenance dose will keep you there. I have been using this for over 30 years.

  • Keith - nice bike

    When the bicycle arrived, way sooner than anticipated, I was amazed at how easy it was to put together. I had it done in about 20 minutes. I ordered the 22" extra tall bike, and that is exactly what I got. I was surprised at the height, and I love it. It shifts smooth, both up, and down, and the front derailleur, works just as smooth as the back does. With both wheels having the disk brakes, the ease of stopping is amazing, and smooth. The seat seems a little hard, but, I haven't rode for a couple of years, so I am sure that I will get accustomed to it. It is a wonderful bike, and, the miles seem to just fall behind riding it. I highly recommend this bike to all who love to feel the wind in their face. Thank you.

  • Kaitlyn Christina - I've wanted one for so long, I love it!

    I have been wanting a blackhead remover kit for so long! Ever since I discovered Dr. Pimple Popper (Sandra Lee), I have had this weird and gross obsession with these kits. I am so finally that I finally decided to purchase one. It comes in a very, very nice case. The case is a nice leather-like material, it zips open and closed, and it has places inside for each tool to hold them securely in place. Each tool has two ends, so it's really more like 10 tools in 1 kit. They are made of a very high quality material that is very easy to sanitize, and will hold up for a long time of being used. The instructions inside are very easy to follow and give you a description of how to use each tool. I love how easy it is to quickly pack up this kit, and how everything fits into it for traveling easily. This kit is perfect for when you get a really bad sudden breakout, or for the occasional pimple that pops up before something big, like that important business meeting or prom. I love this kit so much and I am so happy to finally have one!

  • HeatherC - BOB is good stuff

    Obviously, I have the BOB stroller and is like the Mercedes of strollers for me. This attachment was pretty easy to install and really like the product. I only gave 4 stars because I feel like I get hit in the face every time I purchase one of their products for the price. But, I still buy it/recommend it and will continue to for my Mercedes stroller!

  • Kim Vandel - YA sci-fi at its best

    Brilliant. Great characters and great action, teenage snark that made me laugh out loud, mind-bending science to delight my inner nerd, and an “Alien” vibe. Kaufman and Kristoff are a powerhouse team. Gemina is YA sci-fi at its best.

  • TropicalHeat - Excellent Quality Materials, would recommend ordering one size larger

    I ordered these gloves not for driving but for walking my pack of rather large dogs. based on comments from others, i ordered one size larger, and this turned out to be a good idea, would recommend this to others. the gloves look great and fit fine as mentioned. the materials seem to be of excellent quality, although i can't yet speak of their durability. i am planning on ordering more.

  • Darci - Loved this for my little guy

    Loved this for my little guy. He is a huge Paw Patrol fan, but not much of a costume wearer. He didn't want to take it off! The only thing I would mildly complain about is the placement of the ears... He was asked repeatedly if he was a donkey. Those people obviously don't know Paw Patrol!