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  • S. Gilliam - Checkbook Registers

    At a time when I am using my debit card more than checks, I find myself running out of space in the registers which come with my checks. It is a pleasure to find up-to-date registers (i.e., with dates from this year and next year on the back)to use until I run of of checks and get a new one.

  • Amy Dru - Great socks but run large

    I wear Vibrams to run in and I wanted some compression socks that I could wear while running. I couldn't find any compression "toe" socks at my local stores. I found these on Amazon and ordered them. They fit larger than other compression socks (I have some to wear for recovery that are not toe socks), so I found that these did not provide the compression that I needed. Fortunately, my husband also runs in Vibrams and these fit him perfectly. He loves them! I think they are great socks as long as you order a size smaller than what you think you need!

  • autie2.0 - Great healthy start for mom and baby!!

    VITA ONE Prenatal & Lactation Support Multivitamin - Whole Food Multi Vitamins with Folic Acid for Pregnancy & Fenugreek Aid Breastfeeding - Herbal Blend with Multiple Minerals - BioScience Nutrition