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City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • Susan - Never ever be without this cleanser!

    This is the most amazing product ever used. Works on my stainless steel appliances without scratching, takes older stains off almost anything. I had not been able to find this for years, and was thrilled to come across it. The container lasts forever as it only takes a small amount. This is the best product on the market PERIOD.

  • J. Dempsey - Outdated

    There's more to publication now than simply the right query letter. Also, Independent (Indie) publishing is becoming more and more acceptable. You might be able to find better information by looking at writer's blogs--and those are free.

  • Edubb - Watching my entire bluray collection all over...

    This TV really impressed me! I never had a tv this large (65 inch)and look this good! I don't have a 4k player so I streamed netflix 4k. First viewing was Daredevil and let me tell you...the show looked like live news footage downtown..lol 4k is definitely where it's at! The TV improved the visuals on my blurays and HD videos as well. Hopefully more 4k content becomes available but for now I'm still good. Can't wait to hook up a good surround sound system to it. If you crazy about visuals GET THIS TV!

  • S. R. Bobrowski - no problems here

    I don't write many of these but I saw the bads one and had to share my experiance. We have a 1 year old child and were going through batteries like crazy. We bought one of these in the hopes it will help. I must say buying the charger and batteries in addition is not cheap but helps save money in the end.

  • Marcus Gitterle - One of the best decisions I ever made

    Was to read this book. It may be the wisest, most actionable, relevant book in print on this subject. If you are a man, and married or planning on becoming married, stop what you are doing and read this book. As an aside, it should be pointed out that the prose in this book is extraordinary. Athol Kay is a "writers writer." As a fellow writer, I am in awe. Holy crap, what a great book.

  • Kindle Customer - Battery won't hold charge

    I am sad because I got this for Hubby for Xmas. He is in Electronics so he knows about these devices so it is definitly the battery. If the seller sends us a new battery then we will upgrade our stars because this little tablet is loaded with neat features.