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  • Amazon Customer - really helps

    I'm using this on my back to get a cover up of a cover up of a bad tattoo. I was able to sit for 4 tp 5 hours at a time. I put it in thick and covered with plastic wrap an hour before my sessions and made sure my artist didn't wipe off the areas he wasn't working on. It did not work on my foot tattoo though. That just hurt no matter what.

  • Nadine - Just what i needed

    I like these whisks they come in just the right sizes for all my projects. They are easy to hold when using and are very sturdy. I like that they have the hook to hang it up because I don’t like putting these in the draw because they take up a lot of room. I like these because the handle is not as thick as the ones I have seen in the store. I got two sets one of silicon and these I mainly use these because I don’t like using silicon but these sometimes scratch when you have ceramic pots and pans and that is the only down side to them, but I still prefer these to silicon that is just my preference.

  • Sasha C. - Excellent Sinus Relief

    This stuff changed my life! I used to have frequent sinus infections because my mucus was always so thick and it was hard to get decongested. Now I feel so much better and it even helped me when I was home in Alabama. I used to have even worse allergy/sinus issues there but with D-Hist, it was a breeze. I bought 3 more bottles after the first one ran out. i will be buying more in the future. It's like I have new (better) sinuses. So glad I tried it.

  • kathleen heming - Do Not Buy!!

    Before I continue with this review I'd Iike to mention my husband works for a well known energy/ hvac controls company and has installed complex control systems for large corporations. He know what he is doing So the positive, the Nest is cute and adorable. The negative, it doesn't perform it's primary function which is to turn on the air conditioning system when it is needed. This is a perfect example of a product which is pushed to the market with very good packaging and marketing but is not well designed enough to perform its basic function.

  • Ashley - Best case ever!!!

    This case is absolutely amazing!!! The buttons are very responsive even with the rubber cover over them. Otterbox does it again! The color is perfect and looks even better in person!!