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  • Ashley X. - Good stuff.

    Definitely not for everyone. I tried this stuff to help give me a quickstart on weightloss. At first, I didn't like the taste all too much. But once I started to try it out more, it reminded me of just liquid rice cereal, which I don't mind. I even mixed it with water and I was still okay with it. After about a week of the fasting process with this stuff, I noticed a slight difference. I did lose about ten pounds with this. After the 14 days, I actually had no clue what to eat. Everything seemed unappealing to me. Lol I was so used to this stuff. It's good. I'd definitely recommend it for someone to try. You do pee a lot, just so you know, and it will look more yellow than normal.

  • Felipe Lessa Marcilio - great book, still relevant

    my career has always been in banking, and concepts in this book are more than applicable; tackling problems like scientistis, by making an initial hypothesis and building on from there, is just one of the great examples in this book

  • Kindle Customer - Good Book

    Microsoft Outlook 2010 Step by Step is a very good reference and instruction book for MS Outlook 2010. I actually haven't used Outlook in a few years, so it was a good catcher upper, and even though I now own MS Outlook 2013 (no books on it yet), this book worked just fine for my version. It's very detailed with tons of helpful graphics and designs and I found nearly everything I needed to find in the book, with one exception that I had to Google. It's a pretty exhaustive book and most readers will likely find it more than suits their needs for learning this program. Recommended.

  • Mary - Best Cream for Sensitive Dry Skin

    This cream is dense but non-greasy. I used to just use it exclusively on my face, but now it apply it over my whole body because it's so good. It surpasses other similar creams the rub off in little waxy particles. I swim year round outdoors - so my skin takes a beating. I shared it with my mom during a recent visit to Chicago during the harsh winter. She has very limited choices when it comes to skin care product due to her highly sensitive skin, but she absolutely loved this too. This is on my Amazon subscription so I can have a continuous supply for my whole family.

  • Scott A. Frahmann - Awesome product!

    This is an amazing device! I was hoping it was as nice as a CuBox-i4, which I already have, for $150.00. It surpassed it in many ways! It seems very responsive, comes with many repositories automatically. Great in so many ways! I will just point out the only downfall in my opinion. It does come with a remote which is really nice. The remote falls short as far as a mouse pointer. You have to use the directional buttons to move around which is really cumbersome and slow. Do not expect this to be as good as a real mouse. It can do what a real mouse can which is a huge plus, but I would recommend getting a real usb mouse or something like the Lynec C120 air mouse. Any cheapo usb mouse will probably work. There are plenty of other air mice that probably work just fine. The most comfortable experience is with a real usb mouse. That, of course, is not perfect for a living room setting which is where the air mouse is preferred. Other than that, I can't complain right now. I have to give it an A rating. If it weren't for the mouse shortfall, it would get an A+.

  • Dave - Life saving product.

    The product made the aging and likely defective dull headlights on wife's 2006 Honda Odyssey clear again. Worth the price and trouble / time involved due to serious safety concerns that Honda said was not their responsibility. This product may save your life. Most car accidents occur at night and poor lighting is a major contributing factor!