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Phoenix Clinic & Resource Centre Newtownards | Home - Phoenix Healthcare Northern Ireland are a specialist clinic for young people who are suffering. Located in Newtownards, Co Down. New Hydrotherapy Pool

  • http://www.phoenixhealthcareni.co.uk/phoenix-clinic-newtownards-facilities.htm Phoenix Clinic & Resource Centre Newtownards | Facilities - Check out the facilities at Phoenix Clinic & Resource center Newtownards, Northern Ireland for info about our hydrotherapy pool and other facilities
  • http://www.phoenixhealthcareni.co.uk/care-services-at-phoenix-clinic-newtownards.htm Phoenix Clinic & Resource Centre Northern Ireland | Services - Based in Newtownards Northern Ireland we providecare for; cancer, epilepsy, head/brain injury, Parkinsons, Huntingdons, Stroke and much more.
  • http://www.phoenixhealthcareni.co.uk/why-phoenix-clinic-newtownards.htm Phoenix Clinic & Resource Centre Northern Ireland | Why Phoenix - Find out why to choose Phoenix Clinic & Resource Centre. We care for young people suffering from a disability, illness or injury. Based in Ards
  • http://www.phoenixhealthcareni.co.uk/careers-at-phoenix-clinic-newtownards.htm Phoenix Clinic & Resource Centre Northern Ireland | Careers - Looking for a career in care. Contact Phoenix Clinic & Resource Centre, Newtownards Northern Ireland, for more info on job opportunities.
  • http://www.phoenixhealthcareni.co.uk/about-phoenix-clinic-and-resource-centre.htm Phoenix Clinic & Resource Centre | About Us - We are the only nursing home in Northern Ireland providing specialised care for the younger person with a physical disability (age 18yrs upwards). We provide an alternative choice to those people below the ages of 65 who require a high degree of specialised care because of the physical disability brought about by injury or illness.
  • http://www.phoenixhealthcareni.co.uk/philosophy-of-care.htm Phoenix Clinic & Resource Centre Newtownards | Philosophy Of Care - Phoenix Healthcare Northern Ireland are located in Newtownards, Co Down, Northern Ireland and provide specialist care services for people in need.
  • http://www.phoenixhealthcareni.co.uk/contact-phoenix-clinic-and-resource-centre.htm Phoenix Clinic & Resource Centre Northern Ireland | Contact Us - Contact Phoenix Health Clinic & Resource Centre Northern Ireland for more info on our services for young people with a disability, illness or injury.
  • http://www.phoenixhealthcareni.co.uk/find-phoenix-clinic.htm Phoenix Clinic & Resource Centre Northern Ireland | Find Us - Locate Phoenix Healthcare Clinic & Resource Cntre Northern Irleand. We have a hydrotherapy pool & specialist care facilities for young people in need

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    City: -6.2595 Leinster, Ireland

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