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Specialty Surgical Care in Central North Carolina - Pinehurst Surgical - Our Pinehurst, NC surgeons deliver quality medical care to Pinehurst, Southern Pines & beyond. We specialize in audiology, plastic surgery, urology & more.

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  • http://www.pinehurstsurgical.com/contact-us/laurinburg-scotland-county/ Laurinburg/Scotland County - Pinehurst Surgical - Contact Vascular & Vein Care in Laurinburg Carolina Vascular Associates | Scotland Memorial Hospital 500 Lauchwood Drive Laurinburg, NC 28352 Phone: 910-291-7653 Fax: 910-291-6826
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  • http://www.pinehurstsurgical.com/audiology/ Hearing Tests, Hearing Aids - Audiology Center - Pinehurst Surgical - If you're experiencing hearing loss or other hearing problems, visit our Pinehurst, NC audiologists. We offer hearing aids, balance assessments & more.
  • http://www.pinehurstsurgical.com/ear-nose-throat/ Ear Nose Throat Head Neck - ENT & Sleep Center - Pinehurst Surgical - Our otolaryngologists are trained to provide expert care for a range of problems with the ear, nose, throat, head & neck in Pinehurst, Sanford, NC & beyond.
  • http://www.pinehurstsurgical.com/bariatric-surgery/ General & Bariatric Surgery - Hernias, Endoscopy - Pinehurst Surgical - For general surgery & weight loss treatments in Southern Pines & beyond, Central NC counts on the general & bariatric surgeons at Pinehurst Surgical.
  • http://www.pinehurstsurgical.com/imaging/ Imaging - Pinehurst Surgical - Pinehurst Surgical - Our trained Pinehurst, NC radiologists offer MRI & MRA exams to patients in Sanford, Raeford, Fayetteville, Asheboro & surrounding areas in NC, SC & beyond.
  • http://www.pinehurstsurgical.com/laboratory/ Laboratory - Pinehurst Surgical - Pinehurst Surgical - For patient convenience we have a lab on the premises and we perform most of our lab testing on site. In most cases, any pre-surgical blood work can be collected   here as well.   We only perform laboratory tests that are ordered from our providers here at Pinehurst Surgical Clinic.   Laboratory hours are Monday - Thursday 7:45am - 5:15pm and Friday 7:45am - 5:00pm
  • http://www.pinehurstsurgical.com/ophthalmology/ Ophthalmology - Pinehurst Surgical - Pinehurst Surgical - Our eye surgeons & ophthalmologists offer a variety of treatment options, including cataract surgery, to patients in Pinehurst, NC & beyond.
  • http://www.pinehurstsurgical.com/spine-pain-management/ Spine & Interventional Pain Management Specialty - Pinehurst Surgical - Our certified pain specialists are trained to provide expert pain management & physical therapy to patients in Pinehurst, Sanford, Southern Pines, NC & beyond.
  • http://www.pinehurstsurgical.com/sleep-center/ Sleep Center - Sleep Apnea & Other Sleep Disorders - Pinehurst Surgical - Unable to sleep? Dealing with a snoring problem? Our sleep lab in Pinehurst, NC is equipped to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea & other sleep disorders.

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  • Markus33 - Unbelievably strong. Just wear gloves...

    A word of advice--wear rubber gloves. I used this to re-glue my convertible top to the glass window after the factory glue failed. Folks online said this was the only product that will stick to glass. And while the "only" part may or may-not be true, it definitely sticks brilliantly to glass. Oh, and to fingers--EXTREMELY WELL. Between the 2 bottles, it's enough to last a lifetime. But trust me on the gloves thing--you WILL glue to your thumb to your forefinger.

  • Amazon Customer - Low on mystery and suspense, but filled with the usual fun characters

    There's not much challenge to be had in An Obvious Fact for Walt and his supporting cast. There are bad guys, but they never have a chance. There are mysterious events, but they're not happening to anybody we care about. That all sounds bad, but the characters save the book. If you view the book simply as a vessel for delivering entertaining interactions between some of the best characters in the genre, the book is a success. These characters are great fun to read about, even when they're not breaking a sweat.

  • Amazon Customer - Great buy

    As decscribed. Does what I want it to. Lightweight. Clear screen. Great size and price for a tablet made by prestigious Asus.

  • Sven - Good Light....you won'y regret buying it!

    I've had the light for several months and have carried it daily. It fits in my pocket very nicely and sometimes I forget it is there. It has been dropped, dropped then accidentally kicked across the shop and been submerged when I had to rescue a dog that fell through the ice. It still works fine, the clip is still as strong as the first day and the finish is holding up pretty good. There is some wear but it is honest wear from daily use. I live where there are no streetlights and this lights up the area enough to check the outbuildings from the porch. I really like this light and I'm planning on getting the one with usb port for charging to keep in the truck. My friends who've got one after seeing mine are happy with theirs.

  • itinerant - Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain: this stuff works great

    Despite the dire warnings from some people obsessed with an allegedly now-discontinued ingredient, I have found this stuff to be the miracle cure I was looking for. Instant gratification--the end to itching, the end to pain, the end to the rash and the spreading and torment. Yes it costs a lot: I don't care. I went from constant torment to relief in moments. I used it again for good measure a day later, and now the virulent, systemic, spreading itchy disaster is gone.