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  • Steve - my truck does run better than it did before ('01 Dodge ram-160000+ miles) been ...

    I use this for every oil change, my truck does run better than it did before ('01 Dodge ram-160000+ miles) been using it for at least a year now

  • Radiance - Awesome case

    This is a very neatly designed iPhone7+ cell phone case. It has the nice clean, It certainly seems like it will provide adequate protection, Absolutely wonderful, looks good, good bumpers to protect screen and phone from bad drops.

  • SoftwareExpert - A step backward for Microsoft

    I have a 300,000 line application that I am maintaining and continuing to develop using Visual Studio 6. I really wanted to like this product because I was hoping to have an up-to-date development environment that I could use on a new Windows 8 64-bit computer. Alas, Microsoft has removed the macro facility from Visual Studio -- which eliminates a feature I use hundreds of times per day. The user interface in VS 2012 is perplexing; the main problem being that source files are opened in a sort-of tabbed window. Although it's possible to create separate windows so you can view files simultaneously, there doesn't seem to be an option that would make the separate window display the default.

  • J. Bell - Safe replacement for ibuprofen

    I don't have any chronic pains, but I do get the occasional sinus headache or workout induced muscle pains. I used to treat them with ibuprofen, but it tends to upset my stomach, and I was worried about liver damage from long term use. Serrapeptase does not upset my stomach, and is actually good for me. Does it treat my occasional headaches and muscle pains? Yes. It compares very favorably to the pain reducing effects of similar doses of ibuprofen.

  • D.B. - Great Value, Better Quality

    Includes almost every ear insert you could need, I settled on the larger double decker as I have large ears. This includes a three inch MicroUSB to USB cable you can use to charge this with. I charged it over night and synced it before work and have been listening to music on my iPhone on the lower end of volume for the past six hours and it is still over 50% battery. Syncing was very easy, and I find the "one-button" control to be fairly straight forward. It is a bit bigger than the picture makes it look, but it more than makes up for it with sound quality. I've only had to make a few calls so far with it, but everyone I asked said they could hear me quite well, even when driving. Very pleased with this purchase.