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Ce que nous savions, ce que nous faisions, ce que nous avons appris, ce que nous devrions faire - Preuves & Pratiques - Destiné aux médecins généralistes en activité et internes en médecine générale, Preuves & Pratiques vous soutient dans votre formation depuis 2002, avec un seul objectif : vous apporter des informations concises, pratiques, pertinentes et utiles dans votre pratique quotidienne.

  • http://www.preuvesetpratiques.com/la-revue-pp.html La revue Preuves & Pratiques - Preuves & Pratiques - Depuis plus de 10 ans, la revue Preuves & Pratiques vous propose chaque trimestre une mise au point sur de multiples domaines pathologiques auxquels vous êtes confrontés.
  • http://www.preuvesetpratiques.com/armp.html L'ARMP - Preuves & Pratiques - L'ARMP est heureuse de vous accueillir pour vos parcours DPC. Vous y trouverez sur le site armp-asso.fr toutes les informations sur ses programmes DPC, sur ses fiches d'aide à la consultation, sur la revue Preuves & Pratiques ainsi que sur les congrès Preuves & Pratiques. Vous y trouverez également toutes les modalités pour devenir membre de l'ARMP et bénéficier ainsi de services utiles pour votre pratique quotidienne en tant que médecin généraliste.

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  • Jonathan C Beaty II - Lucid thinking and a chilling premise

    Hartmann, who has written many books, is a thoughtful and widely read Progressive, and the Crash of 2016 is guaranteed to make you stop and think. What he is basically saying here is that about every four generations the 1% class ends up with all the money in the economy and there is a crash because the people don't have enough money to pay for manufactured goods...or food. This is a repetitive cycle, and Hartmann says it is coming around again.

  • Kimberly - I like the smaller one with the pointed tip

    These are a decent little set of pruning shears. They are VERY sharp and cut cleanly without crushing the branches. I like the smaller one with the pointed tip. It makes it easier to do more precise trimming of smaller plants. These things slipped right in between all the close branches very easily. The pointed shears have a leather strap to lock it closed. The other has a mechanism that pivots. It works well and is easy to turn. Did I mention that these things are sharp? Use care that you don't slide a finger across the cutting surface of those blades! Overall, These shears work really well, the best part is that you get both types of shears so that you can do all kinds of jobs with them. I tried them out in several areas, they're very sharp, and cut nicely.

  • Scott from Texas - What a workout! Love the song selection

    Great music selection, lots of fun for solo or group play, and love that you don't have to hold anything if you have a Kinect with your Xbox One.