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North Carolina Drug & Medical Product Liability Lawyer - Call the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin to retain a North Carolina medical product liability lawyer to represent you in a mass tort for defective drugs or medical products.

  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Free-Case-Evaluation.aspx Free Case Evaluation | North Carolina Drug & Product Liability Lawyer - Contact a North Carolina medical product liability attorney from Law Offices of James Scott Farrin today for a free case evaluation. We can fight for the results you may need!
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Drugs-that-Hurt.aspx Defective Drugs | North Carolina Defective Drug Attorney - Drugs can hurt people when not properly tested before distribution. If you've been injured, a North Carolina drug liability lawyer from our firm may be able to recover compensation for you.
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Devices-that-Injure.aspx Devices that Injure | North Carolina Medical Product Liability Lawyer - Retain a North Carolina medical product liability attorney from the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin if a medical device injured you. We have handled more than 20,000 cases!
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Side-Effects.aspx Side Effects | Defective Drugs & Products Lawyer in North Carolina - Speak with a North Carolina medical product liability lawyer from our firm to learn about side effects of defective drugs and medical products. We may be able to fight for compensation!
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Devices-that-Injure/Stryker-Metal-Hip-Implants.aspx Stryker Metal Hip Implants | Product Liability Lawyer - Stryker Metal Hip Implants have been shown to cause injuries to those that use them. Consult with a North Carolina injury lawyer that can help fight for your defense.
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Drugs-that-Hurt/Actos-Actoplus-met-Actoplus-MmtRx.aspx Actos Side Effects | North Carolina Actos Attorney - Suffering the side effects of Actos? You may deserve compensation. Call our North Carolina drug liability attorneys for a consultation.
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Drugs-that-Hurt/Pradaxa.aspx North Carolina Drug Injury Lawyer | Pradaxa Lawsuits - Seek compensation for Pradaxa side effects. Our North Carolina drug injury attorneys have helped more than 20,000 clients - call our office today!
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Drugs-that-Hurt/Yaz-Yasmin-Beyaz-Gianvi-Ocella.aspx Yaz Lawsuits | North Carolina Drug Injury Attorney - If you suffered the devastating side effects of Yaz, contact our law firm to learn more about your legal options. We serve clients throughout North Carolina.
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Drugs-that-Hurt/Fosamax-Fosamax-Plus-D.aspx Fasoamax Lawsuits - Drug Injury Lawyers in North Carolina - Have you or a loved one used Fosamax or Fosamax Plus D? These dangerous drugs have been shown to cause injury. Learn how the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin can help!
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Drugs-that-Hurt/SSRI-Antidepressants.aspx SSRI Antidepressants | Drug Injury Lawsuits in North Carolina - Seek compensation for birth defects caused by SSRI antidepressants. Our attorneys have recovered damages for thousands of clients in North Carolina. Call!
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Drugs-that-Hurt/Januvia-Janumet-Byetta-Victoza.aspx Januvia Side Effects | Byetta Lawsuits | North Carolina Attorney - Suffering the side effects of Januvia & Byetta? Speak to an attorney from our firm today. We serve drug injury victims throughout North Carolina.
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Drugs-that-Hurt/Lipitor.aspx Lipitor | Lipitor Lawsuits | North Carolina Drug Liability Lawyer - File a Lipitor lawsuit with the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin. We've helped thousands of clients throughout North Carolina - Call today!
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Devices-that-Injure/Medtronic-Infuse-Bone-Graft.aspx Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft | Side Effects | Product Liability Lawyer - If your injury was caused by a defective Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft, we can help. Our product liability attorneys service clients throughout North Carolina.
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Blog/2014/April/GM-Says-Some-Crash-Deaths-Appear-Tied-to-Ignitio.aspx GM Says Some Crash Deaths Appear Tied to Ignition Switch Defects - General Motors has recalled vehicles after an ignition switch defect was found to have caused numerous crash deaths. Read more on The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin's product liability blog.
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Blog/2015/March/Mass-Torts-Vs-Class-Actions.aspx ProductsThatHurt.com: Mass Torts Vs Class Actions - Most people are familiar with the basic concept of lawsuits for victims of injury or loss (plaintiffs), but things get a bit different when the injury is to many people rather than to just one or a few people. Learn the difference between mass torts and class actions.
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Blog/2015/July/5-Drugs-that-Might-be-in-Your-Home-Right-Now-tha.aspx 5 Drugs that Might be in Your Home Right Now that Could Kill You - Many people consume the common pharmaceutical products in their home without thinking of the side effects or how they may interact with other substances they are taking. In our blog, a North Carolina explains how you may be placing yourself in danger.
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Blog/Categories/Dangerous-Drug.aspx Dangerous Drug Blogs | Product Liability Attorney - Dangerous Drug blogs. For more information, contact the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin today!
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Blog/2016/April/Essure-Black-Box-Warning-Long-Overdue.aspx Essure - Black Box Warning Long Overdue - When more than 100 life-altering complaints of side effects from the Essure birth control device skyrocketed 1,400% in three years, no one listened. Here's why they're listening now.
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Blog/Categories/Medical-Device.aspx Medical Device Blogs | Product Liability Attorney - Medical Device blogs. For more information, contact the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin today!
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Drugs-that-Hurt/Benicar.aspx Injured By Benicar? | Law Offices of James Scott Farrin - Benicar has been shown to cause injury. If you are wondering if you have a case, contact the North Carolina drug defect lawyers at our firm today!
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Drugs-that-Hurt/Bisphosphonates.aspx Bisphosphonates | Drug Injury Lawsuits | North Carolina Lawyer - Our drug injury attorneys have helped over 20,000 across North Carolina recover the compensation they deserve. Call to learn how our law firm can help you too!
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Drugs-that-Hurt/Cipro-Levaquin-Other-Fluoroquinolones.aspx Cirp, Levaquin, Other Fluroquinolones | Law Offices of James Scott Farrin - Cirp, Levaquin, Other Fluroquinolones. Were you hurt by a defective product? Contact the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin for a free case review today.
  • http://www.productsthathurt.com/Drugs-that-Hurt/Cymbalta.aspx Cymbalta | Product Liability Lawyer - Cymbalta. Contact a product liability lawyer at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin for a free consultation today.

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