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  • C0URT - Smells great, feels great.

    They sell this at my tanning salon for more than double the price on here. It's a great accelerator and feels nice and smooth on and has a really pretty sent. I usually use 2-3 lotions at a time switching it up from bronzer accelerator and light tingle and this is a great lotion!

  • Craig Raymond - K & N HP2010 OIl Filter - Outstanding Product

    This is an outstanding oil filter and is superb for use with the high quality performance synthetic oils. I use this filter with Pennzoil Ultra Synthetic in my 5.7 liter Hemi powered Ram 1500. The cleaning qualities and ease of replacement when oil change time comes are unmatched. Even after 6 to 8 thousand miles between oil changes the oil drained from the engine looks like it has never been used. I highly recommend K&N filters for total peace of mind in any RAM truck or other vehicle.

  • sweetcheeks petersen - Another good book for us. Hurry with the second half.

    I've waited so long for this book and it was well worth the wait Chrissy I want to let you know that any book you drop just gets better and better. I love the fact we still keeping up with our old characters Elite, Montana, Money & Legend. This just makes me Anna know when is the next part due. Congrats this was definitely a great read. Keep up the excellent work boo.

  • Brahyan Castaneda - You must get it

    It is awesome! everything that I need in this little stick, i bouth the wireless keyboard and the multiusb port and it works good. it supports averything office, antivirus and photoshop between others. love it