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Drug Residue Analysis | Antibiotics - Mycotoxin - Growth Promoters - Randox Food Diagnostics offer remarkable tools for the screening of antibiotics, growth promoting hormones and drugs residues in animals and produce.

  • http://www.randoxfood.com/technology/elisa-tech ELISA Test Kits | ELISA Screening for Veterinary Drug Residues - Veterinary drug residue ELISA test kits specifically designed for the global food industry and validated for multiple matrices.
  • http://www.randoxfood.com/technology/biochip-tech Biochip Array Technology | Multiplex Drug Residue Screening - Biochip Array Technology uses multiplex techniques to detect multiple residues using a single sample of Honey, Tissue, Seafood, Dairy, Urine or Feed.
  • http://www.randoxfood.com/technology/instrumentation Randox Food Diagnostics Instrumentation for Analysis - Randox Food Diagnostics provide semi and fully automated immunoassay analysers for drug residue screening and wine analysis.
  • http://www.randoxfood.com/technology/accessories Residue Analysis Accessories from Randox Food Diagnostics - a wide range of laboratory accessories including all the items necessary to run in conjunction with the Randox Food Diagnostics range of drug residue analyzers.
  • http://www.randoxfood.com/matrices/meat-seafood Drug Residue Screening in Meat & Seafood - Screening methods to monitor antimicrobials, growth promoting compounds, synthetic steroids, anthelmintics, coccidiostats and triphenylmethane dye.
  • http://www.randoxfood.com/matrices/honey Screening for the presence of Antimicrobials in Honey - Dedicated Antimicrobial Screening for Honey. Randox Food Diagnostics are a global leader in Honey antimicrobial screening platforms.
  • http://www.randoxfood.com/matrices/wine Enzymatic Kits for wine analysis - Randox Food Diagnostics provide enzymatic and colorimetric kits suitable for use throughout the winemaking process.
  • http://www.randoxfood.com/matrices/milk Screening for the presence of Antimicrobials in Milk - Methods for the screening and detection of antimicrobials and anthelmintics in milk.
  • http://www.randoxfood.com/matrices/urine Drug Residue Screening in Urine - Urine sample applications offered by Randox Food Diagnostics provide excellent tools for screening of antimicrobial and growth promoting compounds.
  • http://www.randoxfood.com/matrices/mycotoxins Screening for the presence of Mycotoxin - Our screening solutions provide excellent tools for the quantitative analysis of mycotoxin using biochip array technology and ELISA assays.
  • http://www.randoxfood.com/media-centre/news Food Safety News Delivered by Randox Food Diagnostics - Global food safety news, press release and events updates related to drug residues analysis are delivered here on Randox Food news page.
  • http://www.randoxfood.com/media-centre/videos Randox Food Diagnostics Video - Randox Food Diagnostics video page displays all the new and relevant sample preperation videos.
  • http://www.randoxfood.com/media-centre/brochures Brochures - Randox Food Diagnostics provide cost effective multiplexing and elisa screening kits for drug residue detection in honey, milk, feed, aquaculture, tissue and urine matrices.
  • http://www.randoxfood.com/media-centre/publications Publications - A selection of publications featuring lab reports by independent studies about the performance of Randox Food Diagnostics products.
  • http://www.randoxfood.com/support/troubleshooting-faqs Randox Food | Analyser Troubleshooting and FAQs - Troubleshooting page that contains info n on Evidence Investigator, biochip codes and ELISA. Alongside this there is a section on how to use our site.
  • http://www.randoxfood.com/honey-analysis-with-the-rx-altona Honey analysis with the RX altona - The RX altona brings the most modern analysis technology. It is capable of providing highly accurate results with user friendly features improving the efficiency of in-house wine/honey analysis.

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