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  • Holmes - Great Mill

    So happy to have the Unique Pepper/Salt Mill. It is so easy to use. A great feature of this product is the ability to change the coarseness of the grind. On the top of the mill is large flap that opens to fill the mill. The flap closes tightly so it will not spill the contents of the mill. The Unique Pepper/Salt Mil is a great product and I am pleased with my purchase. I did purchase this product at a reduced price and I am providing my honest and unbiased review.

  • Pyt497 - Keeps and and my floor dry!

    This is such a conversation piece! Everyone wants to try it out. This is a nice sized umbrella and covers me well. It is constructed well and easy to put up and down. It folders up shorter than a traditional umbrella, but much larger than other folding umbrellas.

  • Amazon Customer - "Great Price, Great Quality "

    I have always been a fan of Sony and Samsung. Both good Tv's, what sold me to get this X700D 55" was the price, image is very bright for my "bright " living room, and has HDR upgrade for later through the year. Weird how I was asking at Best Buy, Fry's more info on the Tv model in regards the HDR Upgrade, and they looked at me like "what are you talking bout?", Guess I was more informed about the HDR upgrade. This is where I checked,

  • Betty - Don't waste your money! Hallmark is NOT the very best!

    To say I am very disappointed with this Hallmark card software is an understatement. I bought their-top-of-the-line 2014 Deluxe Edition at $39.95 plus tax because I wanted the best available and expected it to live up to the Hallmark name and reputation. The picture quality of the card you see on the screen before printing is far superior to what is actually printed out on the card stock and I buy the most expensive card stock available. I have successfully used PrintMaster card software for years but due to upgrading to Windows 8.1 it was no longer compatible. PrintMaster Gold allowed me to import clip art and much more flexibility with both clip art and text plus it was very user friendly and more hands-on. Also the clip art was good quality when printed out. I take pride in turning out professional looking personal cards and envelopes and so far, I see no way that Hallmark can stand up. I can buy cards at the Dollar Store for less but have a reputation for sending exceptional personal cards to friends. The Hallmark software is not difficult to use although it has more steps so that's not my complaint. The images on the screen may look impressive but what is printed out is not and that's the bottom line. Don't disappoint yourself by buying this software.


    I was a very skeptical customer at the time before I purchased the Super Colon Cleanse. Like most people, I read both positive and negative reviews of the product. The negative reviews I read such as: a waste of money, didn't work for me, a waste of my time, etc.... The positive reviews said something completely different such as: be careful, watch the intake amount, it works really well, it's explosive, etc........ I thought to myself, "what the hell, it's cheap enough", I'll give it a shot. OK!!!!! 1st of all, my wife is AFRAID of the product because since she started taking it she CAN'T get off the toilet. It works better than anything she or I have ever taken before. The main reason why today I am posting this product review, for 5 days now I have been taking 4 pills everynight before I go to bed. On the 6th day (today), while I was at work, I thought I had to PASS GAS ONLY!!!!, but to my surprise I s**t myself!!!! I would like to say that the people reviewing this product and advising others to have NOOOOOO plans, adhere to that advice. Clear your schedule and request PTO time at work, you are going to get to know Your Throne very well. If you are a couple taking this together, make sure you have 2 bathrooms available....... IT IS THAT SERIOUS!!!!!! If you are a large family, do not allow the whole family to partake in the use of this product all at once.....there will be a lot of bowel cleansing taking place. I know this review may seem funny, but we thought the same thing in reading the reviews before purchase, we laughed until we cried at a few, but they were telling the TRUTH.........and we are too...... If you are experiencing constipation in any form, chronic or basic constipation, and you have exasperated all other options such as: mineral oil, stool softeners, magnesium, beano, metamucil, fibercon, etc....TRY SUPER COLON CLEANSE.