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RECCE - Recce is the creator and sole manufacturer of the RECCE brand of antibiotics, the “super bug” killer.

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  • Desirae - Typos and incorrect answers

    This prep book is full of typos and mistakes, even in the practice tests. Very disappointed that I wasted my money.

  • Cori K. - So much fun and great exercise!

    Best game EVER! For all ages! We have family over and dance the night away while bironing calories and having a blast! You must have a good amount of space for the Kinect to fit more than 2 dancers comfortably. We do a lot of hitting of elbows. This game is SO good for aerobic exercise!!

  • MikeB - Just didn't work

    I received the sewing machine exactly on time and was hopeful that everything would be fine. I gave it as a gift and the recipient tried to use the machine. It would not accept thread using the procedures as outlined. She tried many times and finally took it to a sewing machine repair shop to see what was wrong. She was told that the machine was out of time and that it would cost $100 to repair it with no guarantee that it would continue to work for any extended period. He said that Singer is not the Singer company of old. The new Singer is made in China of less that good quality parts.

  • TC79 - Pretty Decent; ordered more

    I like this product.I am only 32/f and have seen some thinning at the hair line when my bangs are pulled back or in a "poof". I have very long, thick hair that does look good when its down and my bangs are down, but if I wear my hair back I feel like my forehead looks large or high and was very uncomfortable with it, so Ive been using this product for approx 4 wks 1-2 times a day and I have seen little baby hairs start to come in. Now its not an amazing amount, but I figure any new growth I can get or any of the hair I can keep near my hairline Ill take and keep using the product that made that happen, so I just ordered a new bottle earlier this week!

  • SJ23 Sailor - The emphasis here is FUN.

    If you're like me, you own a hundred back issues of Shop Notes, Wood, and have shelves full of books on specific topics from Framing to Finishes. Most of these articles you skim, get inspired with techniques and design elements, and apply those to your own projects. After spending a few days with this book, I get the feeling that Nick understands how woodworkers and tinkerers consume books, and wanted to make something that would suit them.