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  • Joya Apperson - Wonderful bag!

    I bought this bag for my husband and am thrilled with it. It's a VERY nice bag made well, sturdy, and very spacious! Would definitely recommend this bag!

  • D Shaw - Adds a Nice Finishing Touch / Performs Well

    I installed this on my 2012 Wrangler JK. I opted to spend a little more and purchase the Mopar over after market brands. Glad I did. While it is slightly more difficult to install than other brands, it looks nicer and performs much better. Yes, I said performs! While that might seem a little off base for a part that is mostly for "dress up" there is a reason. I have a friend who also has a 2012 JK and he installed the Rugged Ridge after market part. I wasn't aware he had even installed one until after he saw mine and commented on how much better it looked and asked me if I have trouble fueling up since I installed it. Apparently the one he installed makes filling up problematic.

  • MamaRoche - Very insightful

    I like this book a lot. I have suffered my entire life with eczema, allergies and asthma and have been tested over and over again to determine my triggers. each time, there are always new triggers or old ones that crop back up. I do have some consistent allergies that have persisted my whole life (animal dander, pollen, dust, mold, etc) but i have never found relief for eczema. I was told I "grew out of" my food allergies so it was impossible to still connect those foods to my eczema problems.

  • Rebecca H. Kincaid - Does Not Work Well!!!

    I bought this and have tried using it several times, so I know I am using it correctly. I used it on my chest and it will only work in certain spots. Then it looks retarded because I have bald splotches on my chest and stomach. It smells terrible and apparently the longer you leave it on the more it irritates your skin. I left it on longer trying to get it to work with no improvement. Waste of money.

  • L. Freed - Nothing Stealthy about this keyboard

    There's nothing "stealthy" about this keyboard except for the black color. It is very solid and appears to be well made. It comes with a carrying case and a detachable USB cable, which are nice touches if you plan to carry it around with you.

  • M. Atherton - Customer Service? Forget about it!

    While on a trip I was having so much trouble getting sent to the wrong locations by an older version, that I purchased and downloaded 2010 from the Microsoft Store. Which proceed to lock up and become non-functional. I wanted to just reinstall it, but the sale wouldn't show up in my MS Store account. I called customer service which attempted to solve the problem for 45 minutes and ultimately couldn't, but told me that if I called back they would upgrade me to 2013 for free. When we got home I called to get my free upgrade, but no go, I was outside the 30 day exchange period. However, they would allow me to pay for an upgrade for the same price I had paid for 2010 (that's double the price). Remember Planes, Trains, and Automobiles? "You're screwed." I hate Microsoft. Oh, about the product itself: it's the best for interstate travel and worst for urban. Very counter intuitive controls, menus, and maps. Like many MS products it's designed from the inside out, i.e. from a programmer's perspective, not a user's. I'll be holding on to my five year old Garmin. Update: Although not perfect, Google Maps and Google Navigate are now my primary GPS software, unfortunately I don't think there's a notebook version of Navigate.