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Renova Co Ltd - We are known as 'the chair people' for a purpose. Here are Renova Co Ltd we have specialised in a very particular niche market that focuses on the manufacture and import of furniture on which and around which people sit.At Renova Co Ltd we specialise in chairs, tables, stools and sofas, for indoor and outdoor use. Our furniture can be found in domestic, commercial and industrial settings, in small and large numbers. We can supply a wide range of styles, from traditional and classical, to modern and contemporary. Whether you need hundreds of the same chair or just one bespoke chair complete with its own exclusive upholstery, 'the chair people' can help you realise your dream.

Country:, Europe, MT

City: 14.4611 Birkirkara, Malta

  • Brelywi - Hairgasm!!

    I tried this conditioner after reading all of the positive reviews. I had high expectations for this, and it definitely failed to disappoint!!

  • M. Dugan - Perfect combination of volume and control

    This shampoo provides the perfect combination of volume and control. After using it, I just dry my hair and then am able to easily brush it into the exact style I want with minimal effort and no other products. No other shampoo I've used comes close to doing this.

  • Terese - The most perfect little invention!

    I have been living with arthritis pain in my hip for at least the last 3 years. It had gotten so progressed that I had sharp pain radiating down my leg and up into my lower back in increasing severity for quite awhile. I just got this device yesterday. I ran in at each of levels through full 15 minutes cycles in various places on my leg and lower back, last night and this morning. It is amazing! While I still felt the same stiffness when getting up the pain was much less noticeable and I was able to get myself walking less painfully and more often today. I am going to use this everyday! Highly recommend.

  • P. Eytalis - This stuff is watered down

    I could tell there was something wrong with this bottle before I even opened it because it was so watery. It smells like Biosilk but is way too thin and watery. I will be reporting this seller and returning this. Make sure you buy from a reputable seller. This stuff is amazing when you have the actual product.

  • Amazon Customer - Easy to use

    Love this product and I will never go back to pads or tampons. I used tampons for years, but there is always the stress of not having one on you, or bleeding through and having issues with your panties/clothing. Pads are crazy uncomfortable, and mostly like a diaper, so I avoid them in general. The Softcup has helped me get rid of leakage all together, keeps from having that musty smell happened while on your period, and is super comfortable so I don't notice it there at all. You can go 12 hours without having to remove it, and when you do take it out you can wash it then replace so you aren't creating excess waste overall. It takes a couple times to get used to inserting and removing it, but once you have that figured out this is a breeze (follow the directions very closely because they do a good job describing the process). The harder plastic ring makes insertion and removal a breeze, and is still flexible enough to allow movement without discomfort. I tried Diva Cup and similar products and hated them because the material is too flimsy and slippery, they are supper hard to put in and removal can have pinching and suction that makes it tough to get out. Softcup all the way for a good re-usable but disposable option!

  • CocoBelleza - Delicious, Creamy and Filling - Smooth Flavor

    I purchased this brand after trying it at Smoothie King in Lithonia, GA. This brand was consumed mixed with water and water with ice. Both came out creamy and delicious. Lean 1's Cookies N Creme protein is filling; it seems to have enough calories and nutritional density to keep you satisfied and full for a good amount of time. I've used it as a meal replacement and a snack. The serving size is generous enough that you can cut it in half if you need to and still enjoy the rich taste while saving calories.