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  • Rottigirl - it does what it says it does ! best stuff in the world and inexpensive too !

    I should have been using this all along ! dont waste your money on "professional cleaners " this is the best stuff in the world ! no odor left behind what so ever . even urine odor is gone ! I foster puppies and believe me they have an occasional accident but I dont worry since i found Kids and Pets . You really need to try it to believe it for yourself.

  • October - Not a believer

    I have some friends that have tried this product. I have to say it worked quite well for them until they stopped doing it. All of the sudden they gained everything back and then some. So, here they are on round 2. I have been invited to a challenge party, but I had to kindly explain to them that I prefer to chew my food and workout. Anyone knows that if you supplement two meals a day with liquid, of course you will lose weight. I feel that this is a scam. I could drink milk add some protein powders and take a vitamin twice a day. Achieving the same results. I would not recommend this to anyone based on what I have seen first hand.

  • J. Maas - This clock has helped my preschoolers sleep later

    The clock itself is pretty cheaply made, but the only part we really care about is the stoplight. The design makes it very easy to understand. My boys (just turned 3 and 5) do not understand time, and do not believe me when I tell them "It's still nighttime." However, for some reason they DO believe the stoplight. They were getting up earlier and earlier (6, then 5:30, then 5) and we decided to try this clock to help them know when it is ok to get up. It is easy for them to understand "Red means stay in bed." I started by setting the light to turn green at 6:30 (a realistic goal), and plan to creep the time later a few minutes at a time. They take great pride in telling me "I stayed in bed until the light turned green!" and get positive reinforcement from us. I don't know why they take it so seriously, but this is really working well for us.

  • Frequent Shopper - Great review book has all you need really

    Great review book has all you need really. The book does have quite a few errors, but if you know your material you can catch them. The tear out review pages were great too. Got over a 35 on the MCAT using only this book to study for months as well as all the official AAMC practice tests

  • New York Bargain Hunter - Abreva says it's not for shingle AKA herpes zoster

    I love this stuff for my cold sores. I've had sores my whole life, every winter since I was little. Sometimes other things can trigger it, such as something dirty like dust or high stress. Normally I got it once a year, sometimes two. Anyone who has it knows it's hell. For 20 years I had to live with it, I've tried all the ointments, treatments and each one hurt more than the next. Then Abreva came out, it's magic! Being an experienced sufferer, I knew exactly when each episode would occur. The first time I used this stuff, it worked immediately. The symptoms were shortened by at least 1 week. Second time I caught it before it started and nothing came out, same as the next few times, never came out. Years have gone by without one outbreak. I have a new tube around the house every 2 years just in case.

  • Damien Katz - Didn't like the ending

    Even though I didn't really see it coming, the ending was kind of anti-climatic. But overall the book held my attention and I really liked the "10034 56429 234088" part. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels that way.