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  • http://www.rewaj.pk/beauty-tips/skin-care-tips/vitiligo-cure-treatments-vitiligo.html Rewaj – All About Women Lifestyle»Blog ArchiveWhat is Vitiligo? Cure and treatments of Vitiligo - Skin Care - Vitiligo is a medical condition causing patches of discoloration on pores and skin due to lack of melanin, pigment produced by melanocytes
  • http://www.rewaj.pk/fashion/palazzo-pants-for-trendy-summer-2013.html Rewaj – All About Women Lifestyle»Blog ArchivePalazzo Pants for Trendy Summer - Rewaj - All About Women Lifestyle - Is this the beginning of the return of the flare? Palazzo pants are a polarizing style: you either love them or you hate them.
  • http://www.rewaj.pk/entertainment/lux-style-awards-2013-nominations-list.html Rewaj – All About Women Lifestyle»Blog ArchiveLUX Style Awards 2013 Nominations list - Rewaj - All About Women Lifestyle - The Awards office of the 12th Annual LUX Style Awards announced nominations in 22 categories in the field of television, music and fashion in Karachi yesterday. The three distinct juries that debated and voted for the TV, Music and Fashion nominations had an intensive and challenging task to narrow down to five nominations per category. The Film Jury refrained from suggesting any 2012 release for nomination this year. The eight TV nominations were divided into satellite and terrestrial for the Best Serial, Best Actor/Actresses categories. The final winner for each of these categories is decided by Viewer’s Choice votes while Nominees for Best Director and Writer Awards will be decided via Jury Votes. Hum Tv’s mega blockbuster hit Humsafar has a presence in all relevant categories as it is now eligible for inclusion this year as against 2011 as per the rules of the LUX Style Awards. The competition in all TV categories is expected to be intense. Competition for the nine Fashion Categories was tough and challenging. The Jury, made up of Fashion Editors and journalists across Pakistan voted for top five in each category. Fashion’s new vibrancy is gauged most by the entry of so many new practitioners in the Emerging Talent category.
  • http://www.rewaj.pk/fashion/pantene-bridal-couture-week-2013-finale.html Rewaj – All About Women Lifestyle»Blog ArchivePantene Bridal Couture Week 2013 Finale - Rewaj - All About Women Lifestyle - There was the expected high drama on the ramp when the curtains came down Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2013 Day 3. With the good, the bad and the ugly, the show kept us hooked till the very end. Here’s the lowdown: Sana Abbas The opening pieces of this designer’s collection showcased bridals themed on a pastel palette. With soft hues like beige, baby pink, light blue and white, Sana Abbas’s collection was designed for a graceful bride. The dresses with paisley motifs had a touch of regality and looked majestic on the ramp. Nadya Mistry When will this eyesore of a mystery be solved? The designer failed to impress on every levels. With the right recipe for a ramp disaster in hand, Mistry showcased net chooridars, glittery mermaid-inspired lehengas and off-shoulder cholis full of coin-sized sequins. While we laud her for producing well-stitched albeit complicated pieces, we seriously wonder who will ever wear them.
  • http://www.rewaj.pk/fashion/sana-safinaz-copied-zara-in-2013-lawn-collection.html Rewaj – All About Women Lifestyle»Blog ArchiveSana Safinaz Copied Zara in 2013 Lawn Collection - Rewaj - All About Women Lifestyle - All of us have been through this time and time again. Last year when I started this blog in Fall 2012 it was mostly because I was enraged by the sheer amount of design plagiarism in the fashion and apparel industry. I reached out to the high and mighty in the fashion and journalism front but sadly every one stayed hush hush so they mayn’t be ruffling someone’s feathers the wrong way. I started with a piece about Curious case of copies in fashion and sadly I have never run out of content. This year it has been no different the lawn market seems quite fertile and lush everywhere. I have been privileged enough to attend 4 launch ceremonies but I refrained from writing much about them because I don’t really know a lot about the design sensibilities of the consumer or about the fabric to begin with. Just few days back a friend of mine whatsapped me a photo, it left me awestruck. You guessed it right. It was a design rip off yet again! and that also by renowned designer duo Sana Safinaz lawn collection 2013. In 2012 the brand copied a design by Emilo Pucci that too in same color combination & there was a controversy over Sana Safinaz TVC and billboards showing Louis Vuitton bags & coolies.
  • http://www.rewaj.pk/category/parenting Rewaj – All About Women LifestyleParenting Archives - Rewaj - All About Women Lifestyle - From Pregnancy to child’s teen years, parenting help, tips, advice and resources for discipline, behavior, school issues and more.
  • http://www.rewaj.pk/category/beauty-tips Rewaj – All About Women LifestyleBeauty Tips Archives - Rewaj - All About Women Lifestyle - Beauty tips, health advice, hair care, skin care, makeup, lips, cosmetics, hairstyles, eyebrows, nails, home remedies.
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  • http://www.rewaj.pk/category/food Rewaj – All About Women LifestyleFood Archives - Rewaj - All About Women Lifestyle - Cooking Tips, Kitchen Tips, recipes, healthy eating advice, party ideas, cooking techniques, restaurants and eating habits.
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  • http://www.rewaj.pk/beauty-tips/how-to-save-your-hair-color.html Rewaj – All About Women Lifestyle»Blog ArchiveHow to Save Your Hair Color - Rewaj - All About Women Lifestyle - So you’ve dyed your hair and the color came out better than your expectations. You want to make sure that it lasts long and doesn’t fade away. Fear not! Li
  • http://www.rewaj.pk/beauty-tips/soften-dry-cuticles.html Rewaj – All About Women Lifestyle»Blog ArchiveSoften dry cuticles - Rewaj - All About Women Lifestyle - The essential oils in this rich, softening blend help to counter cracked and ragged cuticles. Tea tree oil is a proven fungus fighter, while lavender is an

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  • Renee D. Green - So soft and a great addition to makeup brushes

    So soft and a great addition to makeup brushes. I purchased Premium Synthetic Oval Makeup Brush - The Perfect Cosmetic Brush for Your Face Powder, Cream and gave it a love it rating. That is 5 out of 5 stars for a amazon rating, compared to a 4 star rating which is a “like it” rating, or a 3 star “it’s okay” rating. A two star rating is an “I don’t like it rating” and a one star rating is the worst with an “I hate it” rating. This brush is so soft, but feels so firm. I loved using it with my foundation. The large surface is great for my cheeks and forhead giving a smooth look.

  • E. Spilker - great value. buy it now! changed my life

    Should have purchased this seat years ago. Just put on 150 miles with little fatigue compared to the stock seat. I'm kicking myself for putting up with the stock brick for all those years. My ride was a Lou more enjoyable without awful pain from my seat

  • Michelle - A Gentle Laxative for a gentle life.

    Do you spend to much time with your loved ones? Wish you could get away? I think this is the Tea for you! Alone time has never been easier, just have a nice warm glass of mint tea wait 2 to 4 hours and BAM mini vacation from life! and by mini vacation I mean you'll spend an hour crying in the bathroom on the toilet. And really who's going to visit you there? Pesky kids you say, NOT with the noises coming out of you! guarantee to stay clear. Might even run away from home.

  • Misty Blue - Nice work shoes

    My husband wore these all day at work and said they were very comfortable. I ordered a 10.5 initially and was able to exchange for an 11 with no problem. Both pair arrived quickly, very happy with this purchase.

  • Chadwick - Great results

    Was apprehensive with using a product that could really restore a finish without the old way of stripping off the old first. I started gently with a small amount but fount that with some volume and not too much pressure rubbing the surface that this product really did remove some old water stains and light marks. I followed up with some Howard feed-n-wax and the furniture really came back to life. Recommend starting in a small area to make sure your finish will respond.

  • Avid Book Reader - OMG what a thrill ride!!

    Latrivia you've done another outstanding job on Gabriel's second story! My head is still buzzing with all that's happened. I am happy that Gabriel has found his happy ever after with not just with Valeriya but after all that he's been through he has earned the right to be called a Vor, tattoos and all. He's now a fully fledged member of the Medlov Family with his own sassy, kick ass woman and baby on the way. I felt just a small amount of sympathy for Briggy but that didn't last for long. She became someone so greedy and selfish that I was happy to have her gone...just wish her and Valeriya could have had a one on one beat down. 😀

  • GlitterChick - Great To Eliminate Belly Bloat!

    I was attracted at first to the promise of losing 10 lbs in two days, but I also know that it is not possible to lose that much fat in that short of a time period. The juice tasted good and surprisingly I did not feel hungry on the first day! I also drank plenty of water with it. I just craved my favorite foods!! By the end of the first day I had lost 6 lbs, and I felt great! I was proud for sticking to the diet. But I also know that the weight I lost was water weight, not fat. Nevertheless, my clothes fit better because I retain fluid easily and my belly always feels bloated. This product eliminated that. I use this now if I will be going out or want to look and feel a little slimmer. BEWARE: I would not recommend doing this more than one day, because it is only 400 calories. The next morning I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach because my body needed calories to function. If you buy this, just remember that you are not losing several lbs of fat, but mostly water! For me it was great motivation to continue my Weight Watchers diet because I saw a lower number on the scale! The mind is a funny thing. :) I hope someone finds this helpful!