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  • Jessica H - Trying for our next baby

    Going to start taking these as we are planning on trying for our second baby. I will update my review when I have been taking these for a while longer to tell how they are working. I received this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. This however has not influenced my opinion. As an online shopper I know how important these reviews are in helping someone decide whether or not to buy a product. When I am debating if I should buy a product or not I rely heavily on reviews like these to help me make my decision. I place equal importance on negative and positive reviews. I like to know why you liked or disliked a product. If there are enough negative reviews that say the same thing I know that a product is no good and I don't buy it. I'm not afraid to give a negative review if I'm disappointed with a product if it keeps someone from wasting their money on a bad product. Which is why I strive to keep my reviews honest unbiased and factual.

  • Robert J. Storms - This is a great product.

    Have suffered from chronic UTI's for years. However, after a surgical procedure, this was recommended by my doctor's office. I use it regularly, twice a day. Seems to do the trick.

  • Debi Lane - It did not disappoint! I was fascinated by the background story

    I actually went to the premier, that's how excited I was! It did not disappoint! I was fascinated by the background story, I love how they all play together and thought the storyline was awesome. I love Bill! Please don't replace Bill!

  • Matt - works

    great price & it works the way its supposed to. What more could you want? need 5 more words. done.

  • Emelia - Hmm....Neat!

    I really love how interactive this book is. It makes you think and realize how much you have to offer as a person and employee. I used to believe I had no skills or anything to offer but, holy crap was I wrong! This book really helps you figure out who you are and gently leads you toward new goals/ideas/opportunities. If you're unhappy with your job/career and want to do something different but aren't sure what, BUY THIS BOOK!

  • Amazon Customer - This item is perfect. I get better reception now then with the ...

    This item is perfect. I get better reception now then with the original. And no worries for car washes and low garage doors.