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  • Patricia Freeman - Perfect!

    What can you say about Fekkai products? They also perform and semll both clean and fresh. I would highly reocmmend.

  • Ryan M. Gapen - Issues!!!

    I have had this modem for two years I bought the retail version from best buy and it worked good for a little while. Then it started having errors that would cycle off so when I was surfing the net I would have no internet every forth page or so, then Vonage stopped working. Long story short I spent hours and hours talking with Vonage, cox cable, and Motorola with no help. Finally I went to shop for a new set up. While I was browsing at best buy the guy there said Motorola made a good modem, and then attached a piece of crap router to it. So I bought a new router, went home and disabled the sbg6580's wifi functions completely. It now works only as my modem. What do you know... Problem solved. These should have been recalled by Motorola.

  • Richard T McCahill - Non stick My Buttocks!

    Like many of you out there I couldnt wait to crack a couple of fried eggs on this to see if it works like it shows on TV. Bad news folks, it dont! In the commercial they show a guy sliding two fried eggs around in the pan and it is a total lie. I dont know about you folks, but I dont like getting suckered. This pan is going right back where it came from.

  • scott_e_morgan - Floormate Spin Scrub is NOT a quality Hoover Product

    The Floormate Spin Scrub is NOT a quality Hoover Product. The motor was designed with steel to steel bearings and a rubber dry cap on the commentator end. If you use the appliance for any prolonged period of time the motor shaft warms up, dries out the lubricant at the fan end and starts a process of galling the shaft and bearing. I didn't get more than 20 hours of use out of this appliance before the motor bearings were worn to the point of causing intense shaking and a really loud noise that made the appliance useless. I will submit pictures of the motor and bearings in a follow-up posting

  • JADDIAS FRANKLIN - Whimsical yet right!

    I bought it in a whim. Everyone in my office was going for this product I don’t know why. So I ended up ordering one. I gave it a try once it was delivered few days later out of simple curiosity. The moisturizing was fine. But something I never expected happened. It shrunk two large pimples that were devastation to my skin. When I woke in the morning after and touched my face, I was thrilled at how much they had gone down. My skin felt smooth and supple. Even the redness around the pimple were almost gone. All that happened in one use? That is incredible. Now I realized why everybody was after it. I am going to use it more.

  • Trisha - Great set of golf clubs without the huge pricetag!

    These clubs have turned out to be a great set...after playing with multiple brands of irons...these are one of my favorite sets. Sometimes spending a lot on a set does not get you a great set...found value in these.