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  • Anne - Excellent machine! EVERY HOUSEHOLD NEEDS ONE!

    My husband bought this machine after I spoke excitedly that there was a SALE! We brought it home and it changed my house cleaning in the possible way. It's easy to use, takes little time, and gets dirt and other irritants to be replaced by a beautiful, sanitized floor! I'm buying one now because we've Had it for several years! Just remember to get a few pads and use distilled water, and go to it!

  • Alexandra Gainor - PROACTIV IS A TOTAL SCAM!!!

    PROACTIV IS A TOTAL SCAM!!! It does not work. Do not buy it from the company directly because the will continue to bill your credit card even after you cancel their useless product. They are not honest or straight forward about the cost and they will trick you into signing up for a membership with recurring fees. This

  • Linda Fischer - Made me pretty sick

    After taking this product for several days, I ended up with a serious gastro intestinal reaction which took a week to get over. I called the company and they said I probably was allergic to one of the ingredients. I did find their customer service to be very helpful and received a refund. I'm not saying this product doesn't work, just that I couldn't take it.

  • Claudia L. Miller - Nice glass at a good price for a 2 pack!

    Techstone sent me this tempered glass protector to test and review on my phone. I am testing is on my IP7. First thing I do is a bend test to see how brittle it is. I bend them to see if I can get a smiley face shape in them. Usually the cheaper ones snap right away. I know it isn't scientific but it seems to work and it let's me know if it gets hit it can take a little abuse. I didn't have any issue with it as it looked like the smiling happy face. So I installed this onto the phone i use to test as well. I drop some change on it. I dropped a few small nuts and bolts on it and nothing cracked the glass. I also scraped it with a butter knife to see if i could scratch it and it didn't show any problems. Overall a good piece of glass i would say. edges are nice and beveled. Installation was simple. I had no bubbles or lint trapped under the glass. For what you pay, which is less than $6.00 for a pack of 2 it is a good price.

  • pclark - Five Stars

    We have really enjoyed this essential oil diffuser. Good product, good value and good people to do business with.

  • Nicole Gill - I'D READ IF I WERE U!!

    I recommend this book to people who enjoy books about family and friends. And slumber parties! This book could be for any age, but I was 10 when I read it, and it' one of my favorite books know. Read it during a fight with your friends, and it will solve the problems!!

  • anonymous - Right at of the box - and with a call to my ISP - it works... and fast.

    OK, I expected it to work - it's the same modem that my ISP provided. Just had to call them and give them the serial number and MAC address and I was soon back to the 73Mbps mark. Simple to set up but the router access menus aren't that intuitive and neither is the PDF manual very informative. The Setup Wizard was a joke.