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  • NYRangersFan - Great but read instructions before installing it.

    If you are installing this printer in Windows 7,8 or 8.1 you have to start Windows with DISABLED driver signature verification before trying to use this printer. You can google how to do it for your version of Windows. For Windows 8.1 you can follow directions at Then install the software and only connect the printer when software tells you to. The software came on a 3" disk and my HP TouchSmart would not accept it so I had to copy the files to a USB and then install from a portable the USB drive. But once installed it works as a charm. I was even able to use it with a web application to print custom receipts.

  • N. Savoiu - It stings a bit

    While it plumps up the skin and makes it feel more supple it does seem to make pores look bigger (if only temporarily). It also gives a slight sting when applied especially if the skin was recently moistened.

  • Gregory C. Sayler - Worse than bad freeware

    Microsoft seems to have stripped most of the functionality out from previous versions of word and the help function is pointless.

  • John - One of the best games out there

    One of the best game out there. It is not true "boots on the ground" Call of Duty. If you want that, there is Call of Duty 4: Remastered. This is a large scale objective teamwork shooter game. Yes, teamwork. You are not in a war-zone like game, you feel like you been drop into an actual war battle. You can not get kill by a tank 50 times and say nothing and think anything will change. If you kindly make the suggestion to take it out to your teammates, your teammates will help you. Multiplayer shooter games are social experiences, the days of sitting back and saying nothing and expecting a fun time are over. You are working together with others for a common goal. There is also a team deathmatch mode if you just want to shoot things because that is fun as well. Large scale maps, depending on the game mode, for a great experience and fun. Take a tour of the battlefield in style, in your tank, plane, and even boat (if you are feeling adventurous). The customization is more on your class sets with the right guns and equipment for your playing style. The story mode introduces the main idea of Battlefield 1, capturing objectives, while changing up the playing style to keep it fresh. Also it is one of the best looking game to date. It feels like actually playing a movie, the visuals are insane. Great gameplay with great visuals, an unbeatable combo. This is a most buy, but on PC because it looks better.

  • T. T. Walker - Charge for state return then more $$ to e-file

    I switched from turboTax because HRBlock was cheaper and offered the Amazon tax return gift card. Not only is this software a clunky mess straight out of some grad student's dorm room, they charge you once to prepare a state return then an additional $20 to e-file it.

  • Daniel B Coffman - Good product for short term, will wear off with normal wear and tear

    I first saw this product on a few youtube videos and I decided to purchase this and give it a try to see for myself. The working application of this product is nothing short of astounding. The problem that I have with this product is that it wears off fairly easily with common wear and tear. It will rub off and stop working. CAUTION: Do not use dawn, dish soap, or any petroleum product like gasoline or any solvent as it will degrade the hydrophobic coating. I use it on some of my shovels, my boots, and other outside surfaces that I need to protect from weathering.

  • Barry Bonds - Hasro - Its 2014, why cant i find your instructions on your website!!

    Not really into board games. My son wants to play this all the time, which is cool with me. The problem, as others have pointed out is that the instructions suck. There are so many scenarios where he is lookin at me like "dad, what do we do" and all i can say is "got me son". no pawns out on the board, fire and ice in someones home??? Cmon Hasbro...you been makin board games for like a century now....figure this s($* out