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  • Westie - Cured my daughter's hives

    My daughter had been breaking out in hives for weeks and we couldn't figure out why. We hadn't changes soaps, she hadn't changed her skin care routine, we hadn't changed anything! I had her to 2 different doctors and was preparing for a visit to the allergist so I read up on what to expect at the appt. I read that more times than not, even after the the allergist does the "scrape tests" on your skin, you never figure out what causes the hives. I further read that steroids and allergy meds are often prescribed. I hated the thought of giving my child these strong meds in the hope there would be an improvement in her condition so before her appt (had a 2 week wait to get in to the allergist) I read about Black Seed Oil and all the "magical" cures you get out of it. I was very skeptical so I ordered the product but continued to read about this cure-all and even sought out people who used it. EVERYONE had a story about how it helped them in some way so I figured, it's natural, it can't hurt.

  • Brian - Great Bike Rack

    I purchased this bike rack on 6/26/12. I received the rack about a week and a half ago even though Amazon still shows the item as shipping soon. I am not sure what is up with that.