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  • S. M. Bauer - Clearest skin I've had in years!!

    My skin was never really that bad, I had the occasional breakouts which always seemed to be in the same spots, and that never completely went away, I have a ton of scars on my cheeks from said breakouts. But after I switched to the oil cleansing method as a more natural approach It ruined my skin. My face broke out in a way I had never seen and nothing could fix it!! I tried everything!!! Literally. After using this for 2 weeks my skin got really dry and flaky so as directed I reduced the treatment to once a day, didn't use it on the dry areas around my mouth an nose and didn't let my face dry out completely between steps (as is indicated in the directions). It has been 6 weeks now and my face is so clear! It is even making my scars less visible. I'm 32 and just so sick of breakouts so I'm happy I finally found something that could help. My skin has never been this clear. It still breaks out monthly due to hormones but other than that it looks amazing.

  • xgabeadx - Pretty good garden lighting!

    These lights are great quality. They have a nice nickle finish. The only down fall is the clear parts are plastic and the little stakes that go in the ground can be flimsy so be careful when pushing them into the ground. The lights have batteries that are charged via solar energy and could be replaced when they eventually wear out. They look nice and sleek and the lights are bright.

  • Suzanne - Works great

    I purchased this to use with my phone to read the SD card from my camera. It works exactly as expected without any obvious problems. I also appreciate that it is competitively priced. Thank you for allowing me to purchase at a discount for the purpose of testing and reviewing. However, this has no bearing on my comments or opinions presented. I have no connection to the seller or manufacturer. As always, my reviews are completely honest and unbiased.