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  • Doreen MacKenzie - Sydney - Not a bad book, but a little too much padding.

    So little is known about Owen Tudor except that he married the widow of Henry V, (Catherine of Valois) and they had two sons. Due to this book I learned there was another son, Owen, who became a priest.. Tony Riches did a wonderful job researching and padding the known history as much as he dared. This made the book less creditable. Even so, the author did the best he could with what he had and full marks to him for that. I didn't realise before reading "Owen - Book one of the Tudor Trilogy" how power-hungry were Owen's two sons - Edmond and Jasper. Edmond in particular for marrying Margaret Beaufort and making her a mother at 13 years to ensure his ascendancy. As he lost his life soon after the future Henry V11 was born, he didn't reap the harvest he hoped for. Poor Margaret Beaufort who almost lost her life and could never have another child, due to the horrific birth. Jasper's exploits towards the end of the book dragged for me, although I was surprised to learn that Owen had fathered a child in his declining years - his namesake. It hasn't deterred me from my intention of reading the next in the series - Jasper Tudor who was the guardian of the future King Henry V11. This isn't a bad book - quite readable, but too much padding and poetic license used.

  • B. Sorensen - Better than expected on our Laminate Hardwood!

    I received this for Christmas and finally got to use it the first time tonight. I read previous reviews and completely swept the floor first. Our entire house is "hardwood" laminate, a lighter oak color.

  • Amazon Customer - Great book to help plan a trip to Germany

    Great book to help plan a trip to Germany. I've used Rick Steves books for several European vacations. Always been very helpful.

  • L. Hayes - Pretty cool

    Pretty fun game if you like to dance. I'd say better then previous versions. It's alot more real like but still cartoon looking ppl. Not like the old games which the appearance was just stupid. The songs are good. New songs nit just reggae and other songs you'd not normally like. I kinda wish I'd have waited to access the extra songs as I need playing oth dr fames and not this so much. But uf you want a hrs to get some dancing in this is fun. I haven't used the phone app because I have a camera to detect me but it's a great option.

  • drjjg - Astounding

    Dr. Wallach reveals the most important things of all behind air, water, sleep and food. If you think you are getting all your vitamins and minerals, think again! This book is awesome!

  • catherine manning - Love this.

    Love this....better than the others on the market. I am not an ambassador. I like the products. would buy from this seller again.